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Have nutrients in right measure to stay fit in monsoon: Dieticians


Indore: With monsoon rain playing hide and seek, weather is taking a toll on health of residents. They are approaching doctors with complaints of food poisoning, indigestion and other infection. Free Press talked to dieticians to know ways for maintaining health in monsoon, which is also a season of fasting. Excerpts

Boost your health during fast

While fasting is done to balance our diet by skipping meal, we have found replacement that often hurt our digestive system. Here are some dos and don’ts that can help people to stay fit in monsoon and especially while fasting.


* Have fresh fruits, milk shakes

* Have cottage cheese to fulfill your body’s protein requirement during fasting

* Amaranth can be used to prepare pancake and idli

* Take yoghurt as it helps in digestion

* Roasted peanuts is good as evening snack

* Have roasted dry fruits

* Support stomach with coconut water


* Avoid sabudana (tapioca) as they make you bloat

* Don’t have ‘halwa’ of dry fruits as 100 grams have 500 calories

* Avoid too much sugar during fast as it will be difficult for body to control sugar level due to dietary change

Beat dehydration and acidity with water

  • Be careful about everything we eat. Food should be hygienic.
  • Keep food covered as contaminated food will cause stomach ailments.
  • We reduce water intake that causes dehydration, acidity. So, drink 2.5 litres of water every day.
  • Good to have dry fruits, paneer, fish, egg, chicken and other protein rich food to build immunity.
  • To balance diet, take protein and carbohydrate in right measure.
  • For vegetarians, paneer (cottage cheese) is excellent source of protein. Vegans can have beans for protein. Chapati and rice provide carbohydrate.