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Goa proposes reduction in domestic electricity tariff


Panaji: The Goa Electricity department in their proposal submitted to Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission has proposed whopping reduction in the tariff for domestic consumers during financial year 2016-17. The proposal which was submitted today to JERC in Goa has suggested that the tariff for domestic consumer should be reduced from existing Rs 3.10 per unit to Rs 2.40 per unit. This will benefit nearly 67,000 households across the State, department’s chief engineer Deepak Bhojekar told PTI.

The department has also recommended that no monthly charges should be levied on the consumer and instead he should be billed on the amount of actual consumption.

While providing solace for domestic consumers, the department has proposed hike in the electricity tariff by almost ten per cent. “We have also proposed that the tariff for defence establishments should be hiked from Rs 3.20 per unit to Rs five per unit,” he said.

The department has also proposed that entire street lighting be replaced with LED lights for which it would cost Rs 100 crore to the State exchequer.

In addition, the department has also proposed to distribute 14,67,000 LED bulbs to domestic consumers at a subsidized price of Rs 25 each.

“This will help the government to earn revenue of Rs 58 crore in next three years,” Bhojekar said adding “the replacement will save annually 78 million units of power which is consumed in the state.”

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