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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

You usually do only that which is purposeful, useful and rational. Everything you see, you see through the rational mind. But an intuition, a discovery, a new knowledge goes beyond the rational mind. Truth is beyond reason. The rational mind is like a railroad track that is fixed in grooves. Truth needs no tracks. Truth can float anywhere like a balloon.

Some people step out of the rational mind in order to rebel against society. They want to break social law but it is for the sake of their ego. They do it out of anger, hatred, rebelliousness and to attract attention. This is not stepping out of the rational mind, though they may think it is.

We step out of the rational mind when we do something that has no purpose. If there is no purpose, the action becomes a game. Life becomes lighter. If you are stuck with only rational acts, life becomes a burden. Suppose you play a game without a thought to winning or losing, just acting irrationally. Performing an act without any purpose attached to it is freedom, like a dance. Just step out of the rational mind and you will find a great freedom, an unfathomable depth, and you will come face to face with reality. Reality transcends logic and the rational mind. Until you transcend the rational mind, you will not get access to creativity and the Infinite.

But remember, if you perform an irrational act in order to find freedom, then you already have a purpose. It is no longer irrational. This knowledge note has already spoiled its own possibility.

Break through the barrier of the rational mind and find freedom for yourself.

Education has five aspects:

  • Information – Often we think that information is education, but it is only one aspect of education.
  • Concepts – Concepts are the basis for all research. You need to conceive of something in order to create.
  • Attitude – An integral aspect of education is cultivating the right attitude. Proper attitude at the right time and the right place determines your actions and behaviour.
  • Imagination – Imagination is essential for creativity, for the arts. But if you get stuck in imagination, you can become psychotic.
  • Freedom – Freedom is your very nature. Only with freedom do joy, generosity and other human values blossom. Without freedom, imagination becomes stagnant, attitudes become stifling, concepts become a burden and information is of no value.