Free Press Journal

Examining hundred percent commitment


‘If a man is crossing a river
And an empty boat collides with his own skiff,
Even though he be a bad tempered man
He will not become very angry.
But if he sees a man in the boat,
He will shout at him to steer clear.
And if his shout is not heard, he will shout again.
And yet again, and begin cursing,

If you can empty your own boat
Crossing the river of the world,
No one will oppose you,
No one will seek to harm you,’ wrote Chuang Tzu.

Any river mandates two banks to flow in an uninterrupted manner. The water in a river coasts in a well-regulated, directed and tranquil manner. However, during a flood it assumes the choler and vexation of nature and ravaging animate and inanimate objects alike that it encounters in its trajectory. Soon the flood assumes monstrous proportions and in its savagery, subsumes whatever it confronts. It will be interesting to liken the thoughts that mushroom in our mind to the ferity of flood waters and the events that shape these thoughts to the breached river banks. Just as the river banks need to be secured so must our response to events in order to prevent thoughts that spiral out of control.

Truly, the vicissitudes of life are akin to those in a riveting novel, unputdownable in a word! There are barely a few straight lines. Indisputably we can posit, that when the channels of energy are sanguine, life flows much like a tranquil river, gently easing its way, even around obstacles. However, when there is an element of confusion or a conflagration leading to muddled up situations, it can be safely assumed the energy channels are clogged. It is then that the mind gets stuck and is unable to be a hundred percent committed.

There are several shades to human life and the mind itself is ensconced by innumerable colors. While some look at life in shades of purely black or white, others choose to view everything in shades of grey. Once these shades of life enter the pyramid of our mind via our thoughts, we can conjure imagery where refraction takes place during a process of churning as we struggle to respond, react or even recoil from the events that spring up in our lives. A classical encounter takes place in this monumental structure called the mind. In the vortex of reverberation and tremulous condition over a period of time, the mind gets saturated by the events, the colors of life as it were.

Each colour has momentousness and an essence and determines as to how much we exist in the present moment. Black symbolizes power, mystery, diabolical traits, and appropriation of power or even elegance. Such a mind does not repose in the self. It is unceasingly and everlastingly in the pursuit of either creation or destruction and the commitment even though hundred percent is entirely nugatory in nature. This is the mind of an autarch or a criminal.

Grey is mnemonic of an emotionless state cannonaded with dullsville and somber thoughts and the performance of such an individual is always below par. White represents pristine purity. The color entails innocence, magnetism, sacredness, virginity and gargantuan amounts of spirituality. The human mind suffused with white remains in the present moment and behaves like a perspicacious master or represents the enthusiasm of a child therefore rendering hundred percent commitment.

Violet emerges triumphantly and in all majesty represents royalty, creativity and dignity. This person is hundred percent committed to perform at the world stage. So is indigo, which is figurative of service to humanity, integrity and deep sincerity. The shade blue is emblematic of stability which is beneficial to mind and body. An individual bedaubed with this color will not charter the untraversed path and thereby performs in an undistinguished and middling manner.

Green is parabolic of growth and harmony, fertility and finances. Such a mind might get encrusted with greed and jealousy, willing only to clamber the ladder and not scale the summit. Yellow represents the Sun eschewing darkness and provides sunshine to the intellect. The mind is enlightened and performs in a distinguished manner. Orange is illustrative of creativity, determination and freedom, and is truly representative of high octane performance evocative of hundred percent commitment.

Finally in this Samudra Manthan red emerges which is figurative of war, danger, passion and annihilation. The mind is propelled a hundred percent but in a very negative manner much like the archetypal tyrant. Only through prodigious effort can humans become aware and mindful of their acts to behave in a responsible manner. The greater the commitment we make, the more responsible we become towards self, family and society. Such a mind eclipses the demons and is suffused with positive energy, allegiance and devotion.

Such individuals are decisive in nature, blessed with identity and direction. The mind is mature and razor sharp, sincere and hundred percent aware and committed. Such individuals discard dubiety and hesitancy and provide a tranquil and calming influence on the society.

The antonym of commitment is perfidiousness. Such a mind is chapfallen and dolorous and imagines only gloom-ridden thoughts. It is selfish and self-centered and installs personal misery above universal positive externalities. The mind gets fixated in the “What will the world do for me?” mindset rather than the “What can I do for the world and construct a Divine Society?”

There are two ways to reinforce commitment and imbue the mind with positive energy. One is to remain in a constant state of knowledge or wisdom. Second is to surrender and capitulate to the superior intelligence or the Divine power.

Focusing the mind in the present moment and striving towards hundred percent commitment engenders a kind of enlightenment. The levels of consciousness expand and one becomes a visionary. Commitment in life espouses a larger cause and larger the commitment, larger is the process of metamorphosis engineered in the mind.