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The Divine has given you all the small pleasures in the world, but has kept bliss to Himself. To get the highest bliss, you have to go to Him and Him alone.

Do not be too smart with the Divine and try to fool Him. Most of your prayers and rituals are just attempts to trick the Divine. You try to give the least and get the most out of the Divine, and He knows this. God is an astute businessman; he will trick you even more. If you sweep something underneath the carpet to find Him, He will sweep something underneath the floor.

Be sincere, do not try to outsmart the Divine. Once you receive bliss, then everything else is joyful. Without bliss, any joy in the world is will not stay.

You have always thought of God as a father up in the heavens somewhere. With that concept in mind, you want to demand and take from God. But can you see God as a child? When you see God as a child, you have no demands.

God is the very core of your existence. You are pregnant with God; you must take care of your pregnancy and deliver the child into the world. Most people do not even deliver.

God is your child. God clings to the devotee. He clings to you like a baby until you grow old and die. God keeps crying for nourishment. He needs you to nourish Him in the world. Sadhana, satsangandsevaare God’s nourishment.


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