Free Press Journal

Cheerfulness: A Divine Gift


T. G. L. Iyer

A poet wrote: “A laugh will always win; if you can’t laugh, just grin.” In ancient stories we read that kings used to maintain court “Jesters” and “Vidushakas” to make them laugh and keep them in good humour. Tenali Raman was a famous character in the court of Krishnadevaraya; Birbal in the court of Akbar. Their cranky slanting remarks created flutter and laughter driving away all seriousness. Cheerfulness is a divine gift to mankind. In fact, laughter improves blood circulation, increases stamina and self-confidence. It also gives relief from insomnia, Parkinsons disease and depression.

To create a Happy Home, laughter is a great tool and weapon. Everyone can enjoy a Happy Home, if there is a give and take attitude. Unhappiness is generated when there is a stiff and rough head of the family or a domineering woman who can’t adjust with the husband and children. Unhappiness can also come due to selfish attitudes, lack of flexibility, no respect for elders and assertion instead of effacement.

To create a good self-image laughter is essential. People start to like themselves and believe in what they are doing. A cheerful person is comfortable in any situation, with a crowd or alone. He does not feel threatened by others and he does not compete with anyone, because he knows that he is unique and special. The Bible says: “Whatever I am doing and whatever I am, I like it. And if God puts me here again tomorrow, I will like it then too.”

A cheerful person says: “I never lose. I just sometimes don’t win.” They know that if they don’t win this time, they will certainly win the next time, because hope is a tonic and motivating factor. When a positive optimistic attitude is applied to all phases of life, it is easier to enjoy all the things life has to offer. Psychologists and physicians say that seriousness, grudges, envy, hatred all manifest themselves in the form of migraine, ulcer, arthritis and so on. Jesus says: “But I tell you that if you are angry, even in your home, you are in danger of judgment.” Cheer and laughter makes one natural and in such a person, performance is optimum. When a person likes himself, he does not demonstrate any personal emotions while dealing others.