Free Press Journal

Changing Game of Power By Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji


Long ago it was said that man is a political animal, meaning thereby that man aspires to rule others. Later, it was also said that power corrupts man and absolute power corrupts him absolutely. By combining these pithy proverbs, one is led to the conclusion that politics, which is the pursuit for power, exerts a corruptive influence on man. An impartial study of history, both written and oral, would lead us to the truth that, in the ancient times, politics was not the game of power.

It had not taken the form of struggle for the levers of authority nor was it a battle of the ballots. Those who ascended the throne did not do any canvassing or manoeuvring but had in them those royal qualities and divine virtues that should be the hallmarks of a king or ruler and should distinguish him from the rest. But, over a period of time, we have descended steeply from that era when power had not gone to the heads of the kings.

Today, politics has descended into the quagmire of lust for power and has got bogged down there. Just as a stream or a river, after passing through various stages, becomes dirty and polluted at the end of its long journey, so is the case with politics that has lost the purity and the principles on its way and now has become murky. Government is implementing projects aimed at cleaning the Ganges and has formulated rules and is taking steps to check further pollution of the environment, but who will cleanse politics? Does anyone have a reply for this question? Is it really possible? Yes! it can be done if politicians who are over busy with politics, have a whiff of fresh air and inhale peace by bringing change in their outlook, attitudes, life style and work culture through a powerful system of values & meditation which is India’s unique contribution to the world culture, because unless the people in power change, there cannot be a change in common people.