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CBSE order akin to locking stable door after horse has bolted: Parents


BHOPAL : Parents, whose wards are studying in CBSE-affiliated schools said that the board warning to the schools not to run commercial activities is akin to lock the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Notably, on Thursday, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has asked its affiliated schools across the country to shut down shops selling textbooks, stationery, schoolbags, uniforms, shoes and similar articles within their premises. The board asked schools to strictly comply with its affiliation byelaws and “not indulge in commercial activities”. This includes sales through “selected vendors”.  Also, the directive comes close on the heels of the board’s effort to make schools follow NCERT textbooks and created an online link for schools to raise demand for these books in February this year.

However, the academic session of CBSE has already started from April 1 to March 31. And most of the students have bought cent per cent books, uniforms, bags and other studies materials. So, advisory of the board is meaningless here. Apart form this, parents are forced to pay handsome money in re-admission every year in some well-known private schools in the city.

“We have already purchased books and uniform, so what’s need to issue advisory now. It should have done earlier,” said Arjun  Sharma (name changed) the father of  grade five student in Sanskar valley school adding that “Although,  it’s is true that we have to pay more if we purchased  books and other materials from selected shop or vendor but at the same time it is convenience for those parents who is working somewhere. They don’t have much time for visiting one shop to another and waste energy. So, we always prefer to those shop where we get all materials under one roof. It also saves our petrol.”

Similarly, Pinky Verma, homemaker, whose children studies in Bal Bhavan and Jawaharlal Nehru School says, “we have already purchased books and other material. Now new session has started.  See, the school of our children don’t restrict us to purchase books and uniform from the particular shops directly but at the same time  we didn’t get the materials on any other shops specially uniform. So, we are bound to purchase from particular shop. We have no choice or can say option.”

“Yes, I have to pay Rs 55,000 every year as re-admission fee.  What to do. We are forced to pay, if we want to give quality education to my children,” says Rumana Alvi, the mother of grade 10 student in Delhi Public School, Neelbad.

We have already said that if we get any circular regarding NCERT books are mandatory in all CBSE- affiliated schools by district education officer or collector then we will must follow.  It would be best and comfortable for all of us including students, schools and publishers, if the order should be issued in December only. Also, students of schools are free to purchase books and uniform from any shop. We don’t force them. Also, we didn’t change our uniform for the past many years. – Winston Vijay Minj, PRO, Campion School.

Yes, we got mail from the board today regarding books and uniforms but it is not new for us.  The Board use to give such reminder time to time but I think it would be mandatory soon. We have 99 per cent NCERT books for class six to 12. –Shailesh Zope, Principal of Anand Vihar School.

We are already using NCERT books of five subjects.  Yes, we got the notice regarding this earlier but some of the school couldn’t get properly. And due to this such confusion is creating.  But some of the schools sent a proposal to the board regarding one year relaxation. – Nischal Gupta, Principal of Vidya Valley Public School.

It is just advisory note to the principles of the schools as reminder. Still we didn’t give any circular. – Sojen Joseph, Secretary of Savoday, Bhopal

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