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BJP a party of greedy people, not Hindus, says Arvind Kejriwal


New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday hit out at the BJP, saying it claims to be a party of the Hindus, but it is actually a party of people greedy for power and money.

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“The BJP is not a party of the Hindus. It is a party of the people, who are greedy for power and money. Forget the Hindus, the BJP will not spare even its own for power and money,” Kejriwal said in a Facebook post on Monday.

On Sunday, speaking at Surat also, Kejriwal had made fun of the BJP’s assertion that it is a pro-Hindu party.

“But weren’t the Patidars Hindus? Weren’t the Dalits Hindus? Then why did this government punish them?,” he had said.

A day after, speaking in Delhi he again said: “Last year, the BJP government in Gujarat ordered to open fire on Patel youth (who were protesting for reservation). Many of them died. Those boys were Hindus,” Kejriwal said.

He also raised the issue of flogging of some Dalit youth by cow vigilantes near Gujarat’s Una town on July 11.

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“A few months back, the BJP got Dalit boys beaten up in Una district. The whole nation saw that video on social media. Those Dalit boys were also Hindus,” the Delhi Chief Minister said.

“If the BJP is a party of the Hindus, then why did it get those Dalit boys beaten up,” he questioned.