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Bhopal: Use manifesto meetings for campaigning, says Narendra Singh Tomar


Bhopal: Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, in the first meeting of BJP manifesto committee, asked the members to conduct manifesto meeting at every divisional headquarter and use it to campaign for the party. Tomar asked the members to also conduct meetings for feedback on manifesto in each division and main districts across the state.

Tomar said that members should hold these meetings amidst various sections of the society to make it a medium of publicity. He said suggestions from intellectuals should also be taken by contacting them personally, besides publicity. Tomar said the next meeting would be done with CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan to know his intentions after which manifesto would be prepared.

Tomar, responding to GAD minister Lal Singh Arya’s submission on works done under fifth schedule for scheduled castes, asked the members to tell people what the government did for the people belonging to SC category. Tomar advised them not to touch issues which would give chance to the opposition to attack.

Committee convener and former Union minister Vikram Verma, interacting with media after the meeting, said manifesto would be ready by September 15. Verma said manifesto would be released after taking suggestions from all.

Tell farmers Congress cheating them

It was also decided in the meeting to make special mention of the works done by the government. The farmers should be told that Congress was cheating them. The announcement of Congress on loan waiver should be countered by telling the farmers that the BJP government had mostly worked for the farmers’ welfare.

Talk to dominating castes, leave centre’s matter like GST alone

It was also decided in the meeting that meetings on party’s manifesto should also be held with people belonging to dominating castes and sections of the society, youths, women, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and traders, to give them a feel that they were also involved in the making of the manifesto.  It was also said in the meeting, when the issue of GST was raised, not to touch those matters which are related to the Centre.