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Bhopal: Up market Ruchi Lifescape residents too fear waterlogging after last year’s havoc


Bhopal: The residents of Ruchi Lifescape township, which is one of the most well designed colonies on Hoshangabad Road near RKDF College, had also faced the problem of water logging. The situation was so bad that water had entered their houses and damaged their vehicles.

Located at Jatkhedi, the colony has a series of houses well laid out but the drainage system is something that leaves the residents worried.

Society’s resident Neeraj Nayar said the problem rose last year due to a nearby nullah which stared overflowing after heavy rains. However, the nullah had been cleaned and he was not sure if this year the situation would be same, he said.

– Another resident of the area Omesh Jadhav said the problem was not due to nullah alone but there used to be a culvert near the colony which would block passage of water. That culver had been removed but a lot needed to be done for a permanent solution to the water logging issue, he said.

– Ankur Khaitan who also lives in the area said water had entered the society and it was tough for the residents even to venture out of home. He showed a few photographs which depicted the problem last year they faced. He, however, heaved a sigh of relief as the nullah has been cleaned this time, which, according to him, was the reason for water accumulation and overflow. However, he expressed apprehensions over the situation if there was heavy rain.

– Rakesh Vyas of the colony said the society members were still apprehensive about the situation in rains. “We can’t describe the situation but yes we were worried about it and still are apprehensive about it,” he added. Until a perfect drainage system was developed for the colony, a permanent solution could not be expected, said Vyas.

– Vaibhav Shrivastav, a resident of the colony said two of his cars got submerged in water. “For one car I received compensation as per the policy from insurance company but in other, I suffered a loss of around Rs 1.5 lakh. There is no significant development this year as well, which is why we are having apprehensions about rains,” he said.