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Bhopal: Tulsi Nagar residents say park in their area is like cattle shed


BHOPAL: A park should looks like a park but due to non-maintenance, most look worst than a deserted ground. Accountability and responsibility lie on Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) to maintain the park as it make budgetary allocation. But it is highly disgusting that parks are being ruined due to consistent negligence and well-developed park have become a den of anti social elements.

There is park in Tulsi Nagar where government officials live there but park is in highly deplorable condition and even children cannot play.  It is simply a cattle shed.

Local residents should also realise their accountability and responsibility for conservation of such a valuable park as overall, they have to live there so they are supposed to take initiative for proper maintenance.

Waheed Laskari

“Park should look like park. Boundary wall and fencing has been totally damaged so it shows non-maintenance.  BMC should concentrate on proper development and its maintenance as it make conducive atmosphere for the residents.”

Balraj Jain

“It is simply cattle shed as it does not deserved to be called park. Even local residents should come forward for conservation of the park which is prime location. They should raise the issue with local corporatror.”

Mohammed Aziz

“It is highly pathetic that BMC does not focus on maintenance of park despite budgetary allocation. Parks enhance beauty of the locality so it should be properly maintained.”

Virendra Singh

“The government officials live there but due to consistent negligence, the park looks like a deserted ground and nothing more. This is highly disgusting. “