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Bhopal: Three vehicles gutted due to fire caused by gas cutter


Bhopal: Three two-wheeler vehicles were gutted in the old categorised market Wednesday afternoon. The fire broke after a heap of garbage caught fire due to the sparks of gas cutter. It soon engulfed spread to the two wheelers which were damaged completely in the fire.

However it was doused within an hour’s time by the locals and police and prevented it from damaging the nearby shops and godowns. Taking precautionary action the nearby shops and godowns were evacuated. The area is completely occupied by the commercial establishments and huge heaps of garbage could be witnessed in the whole area. The fire incident is the result of dumping of garbage along the road across the area.

Fortunately neither anybody got hurt nor was any other loss of property reported in the incident apart from the three vehicles which were gutted. The traders in the area are engaged in the trade of scrap materials and the work of dismantling of vehicles. This leads to huge amount of discarded materials in the area. A police official said that the police would investigate the reason behind the fire at their own end.

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