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Bhopal: Parineeta based on Sarat’s novel staged as musical drama


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Bhopal: Hindi play, Parineeta, which deals with importance of human relationships and sensitivity, was staged Shaheed Bhawan on Wednesday. Written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay in 1914, the play was directed by Anvesh Kose and presented by Ink On Canvas Theatre Group, Bhopal.  It is for the first time that the novel has been made into drama. The 121-minute musical play explores the issue of class and religion. The story of play revolves around a 13-year-old orphan girl, Lalita, who lives with the family of her uncle Gurucharan Babu. Gurucharan Babu has five daughters, and the expense of paying for their weddings has impoverished him.

He is forced to take a loan from his neighbour, Nabin Roy, by mortgaging a plot of land with him. The two neighbouring families share a cordial relationship, although Nabin Roy does covet Gurucharan’s mortgaged plot. Roy’s wife dotes on the orphan Lalita and showers love upon her; the latter reciprocates even to the extent of addressing her as mother.

Roy’s younger son Shekhar has a joking, bantering relationship with Lalita. The young girl adores him like her mentor and for some strange reasons accepts his possessive attitude towards her. The play ends with union of Shekhar and Lalita. Puja Kandare as Lalita, Prayag Sahu as Shekhar, Javed Akhter as Gurucharan Babu and Mohit Mehra as Navin Roy were in lead roles. Sets, costumes, lights and music were handled aptly. The recorded music and songs were major attraction of the play. Total eights songs composed by Yash Tiwari were used in the play.

The title track ‘Bina Parinay Bani Parinita Swajan, Kiya Tujhe Arpan Hriday Ka Suma…,’ of the play was written by Ram Gopal Zoya ‘Danish’. “I think the play is still relevant. The play talks about the beauty of relationships. It was prepared in two months and most of the actors in the play are young. Actor who played lead role Lalita is performing for first time on stage,” said Anvesh Kose, director of the play.