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Bhopal: Life at peril just for a perfect shot


Bhopal: The case of a minor girl who fell into the Upper Lake while clicking selfie is a clear indication of risks people take, just for a perfect shot. The minor had fallen into the lake on Saturday noon while taking a selfie near the statue of Raja Bhoj. The lucky girl was rescued by the locals.

The 17-year-old minor, name withheld for privacy concerns, had come with her friends to the spot for excursion. However, while posing for the selfie, the girl lost her balance and fell into the late. Since, water was not that deep, the girl managed to stand up and the locals pulled her up with a rope.

The VIP road, which is a one of landmarks of the state capital, has been in news for wrong reasons. The spot has earned a bad name as in past a number of people have ended their lives by jumping into the lake. Speaking about the selfie craze among youngsters, Dr Ruma Bhattacharya a city based psychologist said that clicking frequent selfies is a form of mental disorder.

The spot has been infamous as a suicide point in the past as well but committing suicide and making blunder are two different things, said Bhattacharya. “We get obsessed with a certain activity which gradually grows into an addiction and one feel uncomfortable giving it up,” she added.

The habit of clicking selfies while remaining unaware of the spot one is standing or threat around is called selfitis. It is a form of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and it has to be cured, said the doctor. There are people who remain engaged in washing hands time and again or counting money on regular intervals and these people suffer from certain disorder. The habit of selfie is one of that kind, she added citing a similar case of death in the past.