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Bhopal: Keen to give fair chance to aspirants, IAF extends job rally


Bhopal: As chaos reigned in Indian Air Force recruitment rally here on Sunday following the failure of the state government to provide basic facilities in organizing the rally, IAF decided to continue with its drive on Monday too as it wanted to give all youths who had come from all across the state, a fair chance to join the forces.

A number of candidates, who failed to participate in the one-day drive on Sunday owing to gross mismanagement on part of the state government, took part in the rally on Monday. Despite the directives from home department, state government did not provide required assistance to Air Force to conduct and finish the recruitment rally on time. Thousands of youths from 15 districts of the state had marched into Lal Parade ground for the rally on Sunday. However, following gross mismanagement and the government’s failure to act on details provided by the air force chaos prevailed at the venue and many candidates failed to participate in the rally on the day. Thus, IAF authorities decided to continue with the recruitment drive on Monday also. The candidates, who had come from all across the state were made to make arrangements for their boarding and lodging on their own. One of the candidates, Devendra Singh, who had come from Ujjain said, “I had to stay in hotel and shell out Rs 500 from my pocket. We were here for one day but since we were asked to come on Monday we had to arrange for our lodging. There were no proper arrangements on ground, there were no water-proof tents and it was raining heavily,” he rued adding that it was height of mismanagement.

Ajit Singh, who was accompanying his son for the drive said, “I came all the way from Satna with my son. The condition was pathetic on the ground. There were no water proof tents. Mismanagement delayed the recruitment process.”

Akash Rathore of Gwalior, said, “It was total mismanagement. We are candidates so we cannot make any comments but during rain, it some proper arrangements should have been made. We had to share room with my friends. We had come here for one day and had brought money accordingly but since the recruitment rally extended for another day we were in tight spot.”

Wing Commander Imaran Khan said, “As per the directive of department of Home to the state government, it is the state government which has to make arrangements and sanction the fund. We have to put the blue print of the recruitment rally. We did our job. We met employment minister Rajendra Shukla, who assured that all arrangement were in place. Employment officer made budget outline of Rs 20 lakh as per our recruitment plan. And I remained in touched with collector, PS Employment, even Chief Secretary but ultimately, Rs 5 lakh was sanctioned.”

He further added, “We do not out our fund requirement. We put our plan and state government has to sanction fund as per the directives of department of home. But despite the directives, we were not allocated required fund for the arrangement.”

On Monday, the second day, the condition on the ground continued to be pathetic, water tanker was placed for candidates. While for the meal, instead of providing food packets, a few vendors were deployed at the venue with banana. We had to make arrangements for rest of the things. Candidates who had bitter experience on Sunday, had brought some packets with them on Monday, Wing Commander said.

NK Mishra, one of selectors, said, “We are trying our level best to conduct the recruitment because we are here to recruit the boys. We will do justice with the boys who have come from far flung areas the state. We have to give them opportunity.”


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