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Bhopal: Karni Sena-Brahman Samaj; Petrol pumps dealers; SPAAKS will not support Congress’ Bharat bandh


In a major jolt to Congress call for nationwide bandh, Karni Sena-Brahman Samaj, Samanya Pichchda Alpsankhyak Adhikari Avam Karamchari Sangh (SPAAKS) and Petrol pumps dealers Association, have declared that they will not support Congress’ call for bandh on Monday over fuel price hike.  Meting out tit for tat to the Congress they said that their decision hinges on the fact that Congress too had not supported their call for Bharat bandh on September 6.

Speaking on behalf of Karni Sena-Brahaman Samaj Chandrashekhar Tiwari said, “ We have released pamphlets stating that Congress did not support the bandh called by upper castes on September 6 then why should we support Congress on Monday. “ “We have released pamphlets with the appeal to businessmen of upper castes not to support Congress on this issue as we have noting do with any political party,” he added.

SPAAKS national convener Hiralal Trivedi said, “We are not are not puppet of any political party. Our stand is clear we are fighting for interest of upper castes in the country. We are a non-political outfit.”  MP Petrol pumps dealers association president Ajay Singh said, “We have nothing to do with Bharat bandh. Our petrol pumps will remain open on Monday.”  “As far as petrol prices are concerned, dynamic pricing system is responsible for it. Central government should make changes in the dynamic pricing system and make changes in the fuel prices on daily basis,” he added.

Digvijaya campaigns for bandh

Congress leader Digvijaya Singh, accompanied by various local leaders including Arif Aqueel, Govind Goel and Nasir Islam had distributed pamphlets in old Bhopal requesting businessmen’s support for the bandh.

Petrol should cost Rs20 less: Congress

Congress leaders claimed that if central government reduced taxes like central excise duty and VAT, petrol rates may down by Rs20 per liter in the country.