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Bhopal: Government not considering NITI Aayog’s suggestion to counter Fuel price hike


Bhopal: Despite NITI Aayog deputy chairman Rajiv Kumar suggesting the state governments to cut VAT on petrol and diesel, the government is not considering to give any relief to public from the rising fuel prices.

Madhya Pradesh is the leading state in the country as far as levying of value-added tax (VAT) is concerned. It is being levied at the rate of 28% on petrol and 22% on diesel. Besides, a cess at the rate of 1% is also being charged on the fuel. There is additional tax of 4% on petrol too. Finance minister Jayant Malaiya said no decision has been taken by the government on this matter so far.

Union minister Narendra Singh Tomar indicates price cut

Union minister Narendra Singh Tomar during his Bhopal visit on Friday indicated slashing of petrol and diesel process. Tomar said the Central government is working out to reduce fuel prices. The minister said Rahul Gandhi should be asked why there was inflation during UPA government regime.

CM not serious on providing relief from fuel price: LoP

If the chief minister really wanted to lift VAT on petroleum products he should stop using aircraft and helicopter, should stop organising government functions and should stop his personal branding. The leader of opposition Ajay Singh has written the open letter to the CM, on Friday. The LoP had suggested eight points from which the government can save the money and can give relief to the citizens of the state.