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Bhopal: Dial-100 rescues 294 infants abandoned by families


Bhopal: Discrimination against girls has been going on for ages and despite countless awareness campaigns and innumerable schemes for daughters of the countries, there is more to be done to change the mind-set of the people who still think girl is a burden. Cases of girl child being abandoned are hitting the headlines almost on regular basis. From April 1, 2016 to October 17, 2017, as many as 294 infants have been dumped by their parents, out of these, 90 per cent are girl child.

In last 18 months, Dial-100 saved these 294 babies from all across the state, besides 3791 deserted children were rescued and sent to their homes safely. Twelve, the maximum number of abandoned infants have been recovered from district Rewa, Satna follows it with 11. The Dial 100 staff rescued 10 babies in Indore, and 10 in Chhindwara

Although in the state the ‘Save the Girl Child’ campaign is running, but in reality, the scheme and programmes are not reaching to the right person in need. Most of the infants who are being thrown are the result of the forced pregnancy including rape, besides the parents for whom girl child is a liability are shunning their responsibility by abandoning them.

Earlier, when Dial-100 was not operative, people used to call police to report about an abandoned child. However, owing to the failure of the police to respond to the call timely, many a times the child, waiting to be reused, would just die. Since April 2016 the Dial-100 started attending the calls related to abandoned infants, things have changed. Dial-100 personnel rescued 294 infants till October 17, 2017.

SP Dial-100 Amit Saxena informed that the Dial-100 staff had been instructed to take special care of such abandoned babies. The staff has been directed take the child to nearest hospital and to ensure that all medical help is given to the baby. Going into the psychology of the parents behind discarding their child, psychiatrist Dr Ruma Bhattcharaya reasoned: “Sometimes the child is said to bring bad luck for the family or someone might just term the baby as monster. Sometimes the parents do not want another girl child.”

Besides rescuing infants, the Dial-100 has also recovered 3791 abandoned children aging from one to 18 years during the period April 2016 – October 17 this year. In all 301, children have been rescued from Bhopal, followed by 263 in Indore, 246 in Gwalior and 186 in Bhind 186.

Most of the teens had left their houses following family disputes, parent’s disagreement, distressed family situation, while there were some saw their future in big cities. Among the children rescued, 60 per cent are the boys, in some cases the child was left by the parents during travelling.

Saxena informed that “After recovering the children they are handed over to the Child Line. And officials after locating their parents, handed over the children following due procedure.” “Dial-100 had done great job by helping the parents to get back their child home”. He informed.

Women and Child department commissioner Jaishree Kiyawat informed Free Press that in every district a ‘Sishu Grah’ (crèche home) and ‘Bal Grah’ (child home) are running. The parents who do not want to keep their infant can leave the child at crèche, their identity will never be revealed. The child who comes to Sishu Grah can be adopted by any one, she added. Similarly, in Bal Grah the police or the child line personnel can leave the child and after getting the information of about parents, they can be sent to their homes, she informed.