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Bhopal: Dead-man-comes-alive turns out to be kins’ imagination


Bhopal: The news of a dead man coming alive, which took the city by storm in the morning on Tuesday, turned out to a damp squib as the day wore on.

Seventy-six-year-old Motumal Vaswani of Bairagarh, it was said, was brought back ‘dead’ to his residence by his kin on Monday night from a hospital, where he was on ventilator support. In the morning, as they were making preparations for funeral, someone noticed movement in the body. Motumal was rushed to another hospital, where he was admitted and was presently under treatment.The WhatsApp brigade took over and soon there was virtual mela of media persons at the home of Vasvani. After all, it is not every day that dead men come alive.

But as more enquiries were made, it became apparent that Motumal, after all, had not died and his kin had brought him home thinking that the hospital was keeping him on a ventilator just to make a killing. The Chirayu Hospital, where Motumal was admitted said that he was discharged with “Left Against Medical Advice” (LAMA) note. Kaushik, grandson of Motumal, told Free Press “After he suffered the third cardiac arrest, we thought that he was no more and so we brought him home. Doctors never told us about death. They only told us that he is very serious”.

Chirayu Hospital’s Dr Pradeep Bhattacharya said, “The patient was initially admitted to another Hospital from where he was brought here. We advised angiography but the family member neither permitted us to go ahead nor said no. We shifted him on ventilator after he suffered a cardiac arrest. In the meantime, some Vishwa Hindu Parishad members came and demanded that he be discharged. The family members felt that patient was almost dead and we are unnecessarily increasing medical bill in the name of ventilator and ICU. So we discharged him with LAMA. The bill was around Rs 10,000 for five-day stay in the hospital.”

Bhupendra Srivastava, MD of LBS Hospital, where Motumal is now admitted said, “We are doing our level best. He is critical”.