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Bhopal: Congress leaders to meet families who hosted Mahatma Gandhi, says Kamal Nath


Bhopal: In the meeting of the vichar wing of the party in Bhopal on Tuesday the state Congress president Kamal Nath decided that the leaders of the Congress, during their tours, will make visits to such families with whom Mahatma Gandhi had spent time.

The Congress is keen to reinvent its bonding with such families in MP with whom Mahatma Gandhi had spent time during the freedom movement of India. He said the Congress leaders should meet the family members whenever they make visit a place of their residence.

Nath expressed his anguish on the PM’s statement that the Congress party had done nothing for the nation. He said, “Congress is the party which had faced the maximum odds, at the time of is independence India stood amongst the weakest economies in the world, but with his restless efforts- our first PM Jawaharlal Nehru initiated the nation on the course of development.”

The president of vichar wing Bhupendra Gupta released a document entitled- 175 months and 175 scams of BJP ruled state government. He also released the slogans of the Congress party and a dedicated a song which will be played during the leaders visits.

Member of the vichar wing retired IAS officer DS Rai informed that many retired IAS, IPS, IFS and other officers are going to join Congress party. He added that they are preparing a report which will highlight the failure of the state government.

He also urged the state president to request the Election Commission of India- to transfer such officers who are holding their post for the last 15 years. Gupta raised question over the viral messages on social media that the then PM Jawaharlal Nehru had called the RSS to participate in the Republic Day parade in the year 1963. The message claims that Nehru invited RSS as he was impressed with it.

Gupta alleged that the claims made in the message about RSS is fake and fraudulent, he claimed that Nehru had never ever called the RSS to participate in the parade. “If RSS have the formal invitation of the participation they should bring it in light”, he added.

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