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Bhopal car inferno: Experts put new digital technology in dock


Bhopal: Amid ever increasing road accidents in state, the recent car-inferno on Bhopal-Vididha Road, which claimed four lives, raised many questions in the mind of common man. The anticipation received further fuel from the tragic death of five innocent people in DPS bus accident on January 5 last in Indore.

In a brief; the car caught fire after it collided head on with another car at Bagrod Square under Tyonda police station in Vidisha. While one of the five occupants could escape the car, the others including three women remained trapped and were burnt to death. Central jail warden Ramdayal Prajapati had gifted the car to his daughter in marriage which was being driven by his son in-law Pravin Prajapati, with Pravin Prajapati, Mayabai(Barasia), Laxmi Chakravorti(Vidisha) and Munni Bai(Bhopal) as other occupants, on the fateful day.

However, the question is why such incidents do happen in the first place. Where is the fault? Mechanical engineering experts attributed such incidences to the drawbacks of the new digital technology widely used in automobile manufacturing. Based on power steering system, if any modern car’s ignition develops any malfunction, it leads to failure of the entire system of the vehicles including brake, doors, and windows.

However, there are always advantages of this technology like better pick up, very high speed and much better mileage, they said. They argued, earlier, vehicles happened to be on manual technology and in that case if ignition used to stop, driver easily could handle the situation as brakes, steering and other things continued to function smoothly.

But now if ignition is stopped due to any reasons, it would lead to break failure, and jam steering, windows and doors. MANIT mechanical engineering professor Dr Anil Kumar said “Actually, the major drawback is with power steering. Hydraulic assistance dies instantly when the engine is turned off. There are lots of benefits of the digital technology like high speed, better pick-up and wonderful mileage, but the only contention is — if ignition stops, it leads to failure of the entire system— brakes, steering, windows and doors. Steering gets jammed in case of fire or any major accident which could lead to accident.”