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Bhopal: Budding artists find Bharat Bhavan a place to make vacation meaningful


Bhopal: A large number of students of fine arts from prestigious institutions across country have gathered at Bharat Bhavan for the first time to make their summer vacation meaningful.

They are learning different art forms at graphics and ceramic community studios in the Bhavan. It is like a get-together for them and they have made new friends. The cleanliness and artistic ambience of the city is also attracting these budding artists.

Bonam Jang hails from Korea and is pursuing BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) in sculpture from BHU (Banaras Hindu University). Speaking to Free Press Jang said, “I have heard about the city, especially the community studio of Bharat Bhawan, a lot and for the first time I got a chance to visit and work here. The city is very beautiful. In fact, the Bhavan is a cultural hub. I have also visited the Tribal Museum, it is awesome.”

“See, we can see classical art from in BHU but here we can see the mixture of three art forms – classical, tribal and contemporary. I am learning here to work in ceramic. The people here are very supportive. They help and guide each other. I would like to come again in winter vacation. I love India a lot and I don’t know why? I think I might have links with this country in my previous birth,” the Korean girl said.

Similarly, Ranjna Pal who is doing BFA from Allahabad University said, “I came for 20 days and am working on drypoint and colography. I have made human faces in this art form.  Besides, I also got chance to work on Litho and Etching here. The machines and facilities of the art form are not available in our university. The wood cut facility is only available there.”

“I came know about the graphic studio from one of my friends and came here for the first time. Here the ambience is very good. The senior artists are also very helpful. Most importantly, we get chance to meet artists and students who came from different places of the country. I also made many of them friends,” Pal said.

Another BFA student Virendra Mahatha of BHU said, “I am making a 3D sculpture showing how humans are interfering with nature. I have worked in clay, stoneware and metal, but for the first time got chance to work in ceramic. I have read on internet that it is one of the cleanest cities in India and it is. There is no another government fine art institution in the city, but it is hub of artists. The wall paintings in the city attracted me a lot. It shows the love of people and the government towards the art.”

“I am doing BFA in paintings from Lovely Professional University, Punjab. There is summer vacation in my college. So I came here for a 45-day internship. One of my professors advised me to come this place,” said Gagandeep Singh. Besides students, some professional artists have also reached here.

A senior artist Kunal Ukey from Nagpur said, “There is no community studio like Bharat Bhavan in Nagpur. I have been coming here since 2005. I have worked in graphics and terracotta, now working on ceramic. I have personal studio but the space is limited. Here we get chance to meet friends and artists. It is like a get-together for us. ”

“I am working here on wheel for the first time. Before that, I have worked in painting and graphics. I think, being an artist we should have knowledge in all art forms. There is studio in Delhi but there is no flexibility of dates and time like here. Also, we get chance here to meet many artistes at one place,” said Yeg Bangar who hails from Haryana and teaches fine arts in a school.

There are community studios in Bharat Bhawan. So, professional artists and student visit and work together. We help everyone. Generally, they come during their vacation. It also depends on weather. This year, around 30 students came here and this number is more than previous year. Devilal Patidar, incharge, Graphics and ceramic department, Bharat Bhawan.