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Bhopal: Bachchan’s Angry Young Man image is still relevant, say youths


Bhopal: Does ‘Angry Young Man’ still appeal to today’s generation? Is it still relevant? Bachchan’s portrayal as a classless ‘Angry Young Man’ dates back to early 70s, which caused his popularity to soar. Then, a new morality emerged on the streets of country and Amitabh Bachchan gave an expression to it.

The films from that period – Zanjeer, Sholay, Deewar – show him in a world where morality and money can be created without government intervention. Recently, the government honoured Amitabh Bachchan with ‘Best Film Personality of the Year Award’ at IFFI-2017 held in Goa. Free Press talked to a section of young residents to know their reaction on his ‘Angry Young Man’ image. Excerpts-

Media student Anand Yadav, 23, said: “I have been watching his movie since my childhood. I liked his Angry Young Man character in film Coolie. The role of Vicky Kapoor in movie Sharaabi inspired me a lot. It teaches us morality and ethics. His gesture, posture as well as unique presentation style made him different from other actors.”

Private company public relations officer Mahim Mishra, 31, said: “He is great actor and I am his diehard fan. The character Angry Young Man taught the audience how a hero who is a commoner can fight for them. Almost all movies portray Big B as Angry Young Man but I think movie Zanjeer got him the title.”

Local resident Siddharth Barik, 21, said: “I have watched his 60 movies on TV. I have seen his movie Sholay five times and I think it is one of his best movies, which portrayed the image of Angry Young Man. This image is still relevant. He got the image due to his rough and tough personality of the characters he played in most of his films.”

Dentist Babita Niranjan, 29, said: I have seen many movies starring Big B and felt inspired by Angry Young Man projected in Diwaar, Sholay, Suryavansham. Those characters will never fade as they strike an instant rapport with audience. It is exciting to see him in such kind of movies.”