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Bhopal: Aspirants share secrets for their success in JEE Advance


Bhopal: Free Press interacted with the aspirants who cracked JEE Advanced in flying colours. The aspirants are jubilant with their success in a candid talk they shared their secrets of success and aspirations. It emerged from the conversation with them that a balance of preparations with family life and hobbies is what made the difference between success and failure.

Sarthak Agarwal

Sarthak Agarwal from Datia emerged as the topper in MP with an all India rank (AIR) – 66. In IIT Mains he secured AIR-204. Sarthak did class 12th from Gwalior as a private student and focused on IIT entrance exam studies.He secured 96.4 percent in class 12th CBSE results 2018.He comes from a family of businessman- his father Manoj Agarwal is a businessman and mother Kavita Agarwal is a housewife.

He wants to pursue B.Tech in computer science either from IIT-Mumbai or IIT-Delhi. He loves to programme in JAVA language and aspires to become a computer scientist. For his preparation there were no fixed study hours. He based his studies on the daily target and never bother on how much time it will require. He plays videogames or goes for a walk in park in the open and enjoy the natural beauty during breaks or to ward off stress. Besides, he left social media platform completely to focus on his studies.

Himansh Rathore

He is the Bhopal topper with an AIR 164.He withdrew himself from social media and social life to focus on his preparation of his exam. He focussed on the learning the basics. Even while travelling through the bus he used his time for studies. He strictly followed his timetable for studies. He loves watching movies on youtube to freshen up his mood.

Ashutosh Varshey

He is the Bhopal city second topper with AIR- 302. His father Vivek Kumar Varshney is a railway station manager at obadullaganj. He secured 94.6 per cent in class 12 CBSE exams 2018. His mother Vandana Varshey is a housewife. He studied for periods ranging from two hours to eight hours. At times he also gave up studies altogether depending on his mood. He wants to pursue computer science branch preferably from IIT-Kharagpur or IIT-Roorkee.

He loves to sketch portraits using free hand pencil style. He also has interest in playing chess and speed quibbling. He watches television, listen to music and watch movies to release his stress. Interestingly, he loves spending time on WhatsApp.

Piyush Gupta

Piyush Gupta AIR 73 is the second state topper, he hails from Gwalior. He cracked the IIT entrance exam in first attempt. He secured 92.8 percent marks in CBSE class 12th exam 2018. His father Umesh Kumar Gupta is a civil engineer who works in Quwait and mother Pinky Gupta is a house wife. Regular study is his mantra for success. He studied four to five hours daily. He loves to program in C language and would prefer to pursue software engineering from IIT-Delhi of IIT-Mumbai. He loves to play cricket, read romantic novels of Navneet Chokraboraty.

Pushpendra Rana

Pushpendra Singh Rana from Gwalior with AIR 95 is the fourth state topper. He secured 93 percent in class 12 CBSE exam 2018. His father Devendra Singh Rana is a government teacher and mother Anita Rana is a house wife. He wants to pursue B.Tech in computer science from IIT-Delhi. He loves o listening to melodious songs. He didn’t use social media to focus on his study.

90 Plus students from FIITJEE Bhopal qualified JEE- Advanced 2018

FIITJEE Bhopal Student Ayudh Saxena, AIR 262 scored 250 out of 360 marks. He is a student of classroom program at FIITJEE-Bhopal. Next best ranks grabbers are Ashutosh Varshney- AIR 302, Kaustubh Tripathi- AIR 494, Nischay Manwani -AIR 546, Prakhar Diwan – AIR 702, Aniruddh Chidar – AIR 781(SC Rank 12), Sanchit Agarwal – AIR 918, Aniket Singh Pawar- AIR 966 and Kushagra Soni – AIR 997.FIITJEE students dominate in every range of All India Ranks of JEE Advanced 2018. 3 in Top 500 and 9 in Top 1000 AIR.

FIITJEE Bhopal Centre Head Abhishek Pandey said, “Preparing students in a fundamental way from initial principles with focus on in-depth understanding of concepts and development of analytical abilities have yet again paid off for our students”.

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