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Bhopal: Amid crops & marriage season, lack of Rs 2000 notes throws people into tizzy


Bhopal: With the season of crops and marriage on peak, inadequate supply of 2000 rupees note has led to cash crisis again in various cities across the state. Most of the ATMs in Bhopal have been standing cashless since last week. Adding to its woes, the recent violence and regular bank holidays have taken serious toll on liquidity in market.

To one’s hassle, most of the ATMs are either tagged with ‘No Cash’ notice to disgruntle the unsuspected customers or have guards turning away the cash-seekers even before entering the booth. Thus, in search of urgent cash people are forced to run from one booth to another, all across the city.

For instance, the ATM booth on Bank of Baroda’s Trilanga-Gulmohar campus and the SBI facility in its vicinity have been running out of cash for last couple of days. One, who would visit the ATMs, would surely be greeted with “no cash” message by the dedicated guard. The scenario of PNB ATM in the area ain’t better as well.

According to bank sources, with very reluctant and slow production of Rs 2000 note, small currency notes are being circulated more in the market. On the other hand, with heavy want of cash and absence of high denomination notes, the market has become completely dependent on smaller currencies drying up the ATMs faster. Also, least promotion of digital payment system is yet to get the public rid of dependency on cash.

In Sagar, Damoh, Chhatarpur and Tikamgarh districts of Bundelkhand region as well a large number of ATMs— both of private and nationalised banks— is reportedly running dry for past three to seven days. In Khajuraho, the international tourist destination, most of the ATMs are rendered cashless it has been about a week.

Vyapari Mahasangh general secretary Anupam Agrawal said “Cash crisis is not serious.  It being a marriage season, people are taking out more cash leading to a little bit of crisis. But, there is no currency crisis as such.”

Senior officer of State Bank of India (SBI) Grover, who looks after ATM affairs, said “As such there is no cash crisis. In fact, it is the crops season and time of wheat procurement. Such situation happens every year and it is natural. There is nothing new. Less supply of Rs 2000 notes might have created some mild crisis, but we monitor regularly to maintain normal circulation of currencies.”