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Bhopal: Ajay Singh blasts CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan over farmer suicide


Bhopal: Reacting sharply to the news of a farmer’s suicide leader of opposition Ajay Singh has alleged that CM is merely misleading farmers by publicity and propaganda. Leader of opposition Ajay Singh, has termed the incident of a farmer committing suicide in Burhanpur as a stain on Shivraj government.

Singh has demanded financial assistance of Rs 10 lakh for the farmer’s family to enable them in repayment of their debt. Leader of opposition Ajay Singh said the farmer, resident of village Bholana, pawned his son to his uncle for a loan of Rs 2.5 lakh.The farmer was unable to pay the loan as his crop had failed.

Pained over this, the farmer took the extreme step. Singh claimed that the Police have admitted that the farmer’s son was working at a salary of Rs 10000 at his uncle’s place and it is clear that the farmer had pawned his son. Singh asked Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to reveal the number of people who were getting zero-interest loans.

Singh asked as to why the farmers are suffering even when the state registered the highest agriculture growth rate. Singh alleged that more than 5500 farmers have committed suicide in the third term of CM Chouhan. In the country the highest number of farmer suicides has occurred in MP. He alleged that there has been a rise of 21 per cent in suicides committed by the farmers in the past five years.