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Bhopal: 21 diseases to be treated as disability


Bhopal: Dwarfism, acid attack, leprosy, neurological disorder and blood disorder will also be treated as a disability. Earlier, there were seven diseases in the list of disabilities. They included mental retardation, mental illness, blindness, visual impairment, deaf, dumb, and cerebral palsy.

Special Need Education Home (SNEH) head Dr Naina Christian said, “Earlier, only 7 disorders were included in list to prove disabilities. But now central government has cleared 21 disorders including blood disorder, neurological disorder, dwarfism and leprosy. After clearance from central government, onus lies on state government for its implementation at district level.” SNEH is the nodal agency to look into its execution.

The 21 diseases covered in the list include sickle cell anemia, thalassaemia, hemophilia, leprosy, dwarfism, muscular dystrophy, acid attack victims, blindness, low vision, deaf (70db loss), hard of hearing ( 60db-70db loss), speech and language disability, cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities, intellectual disabilities, specific learning disabilities, autism, mental illness, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s diseases.

Pankaj Maru, SNEH founder, said, “State government has issued notification in this regard after clearance of central government bill and now it is being implemented at district level. Process is to appoint four members in a board to look into matter.”

Chief medical and health officer Dr Ashok Jasani said that four-member board will be constituted for it, which will include ADM from collectorate, medical specialists, CMHO and civil surgeon. The board will have regular meetings. Civil surgeon Dr I K Chug said, “It is not possible for all kinds of experts to be available for the meeting unless it is scheduled according to their timing.”