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Bhopal: 10,000 children have died in 123 days says Congress


BHOPAL: The concluding day of winter session of state Assembly witnessed huge uproar by Congress members demanding debate on malnutrition. MLA Ramnivas Rawat, raising the issue during Zero Hour, said it was decided in the meeting of business advisory committee to conduct a debate on malnutrition.

Rawat claimed that 10,000 children died in past 123 days. He accused the government of avoiding a debate on malnutrition. Rawat alleged Assembly speaker of following government’s directions.

Minister for legislative affairs, Narottam Mishra, responding to the allegations of Congress, said a debate on demonetisation and farmers’ problems was conducted on Congress’ demand two days ago but its members staged a walkout without listening to the chief minister’s reply. Mishra said Congress MLA Mahendra Singh Kalukheda had asked to take up the issue of debate on malnutrition in the next session.

Assembly speaker Sitasharan Sharma said he had asked Rawat to come to his chamber for discussion but when he did come, it was assumed that he had no interest in debate. The Congress members, expressing their dissatisfaction from speaker’s reply, walked out of the House.

Rawat alleged that Speaker had said during previous session that a debate on Simhastha would be held from chair but it was not done. He alleged that they could not trust speaker as he did not conduct debate despite consensus on conducting debate on malnutrition.