Free Press Journal

Be Determined to Win


One day I was standing in the waiting room outside the minister’s office. I wanted to see him for some work. I hadn’t taken an appointment. His secretary accosted me and said that the minister was very busy and I could not see him. The secretary was doing his job and I could not argue with him because he was protecting his boss from time-wasters.

But I did not feel that I was wasting mine or the minister’s time. I was doing a job in public interest, to establish a school in the minister’s constituency. I also knew that if I simply barged in, the worst that could happen was that he would throw me out of his office, back into the waiting-hall. Anyway, I was already in the waiting-hall and nothing worse would happen to me if I would have remained back where I was!

I opened the door and walked right in when the attendant was away. And do you know what happened? I described my proposal. The minister looked up and said, “I figure that anyone who is determined to get the work done will probably be that determined to meet our needs also.”

Rejection is an illusion. It is silly to be afraid that you will not get what you want when you ask for it. Because, you are already not in possession of what you want and without asking, you have already failed. You already have nothing on hand. Why should you get upset if you don’t get what you want when you don’t have it anyway? So there is really nothing to be afraid of.

There is the story of the little Blue Engine which was asked by children: “Will you pull us over the mountain? Our engine has broken down and the children on the other side won’t have anything to play with.”

The little Blue Engine replied: “I am not very big. They use me only for switching trains in the shunting yard. I have never been over the mountain.” The children insisted and therefore the Blue Engine puffed and chugged and hauled the detached bogies over the mountain.

After reaching the other side the little Blue Engine said, “I never thought that I had this pulling power. Now I know I can. The moral is that we are not aware of our own power. Start pulling and you may reach the destination.