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A patron of the arts- nurturing Ujjain’s untapped talent


Ujjain: Human beings are said to be world’s finest embodiment of articulation and expression. When humans give vent to these expressions, we literally personify our claim to nature’s best creation. Often such well-articulated and expressive individuals rue about not getting platforms to showcase their art and skills. However Ujjanite ‘Rajesh Agrawal’ makes sure that such individuals don’t miss this opportunity.

Every Sunday, under the aegis of ‘Shahid Park Yuva Manch’ he oversees a programme which provides a platform to Ujjain city’s talented and skilled youngsters especially children, at Shahid Park in Freeganj. A platform known as “Abhivaykti Manch”. Asking about the origins of Abhivaykti Manch, Agrawal said, “Back in 2014, the then collector Kavindra Kiyawat came up with this unique idea of providing children with the opportunity to showcase their art and skills. Under his able guidance and patronage, Shahid Park Yuva Morcha took the initiative for the enhancement and improvement of skill sets of youngsters. Notwithstanding, Kiyawat’s departure, we are still organizing this event with the same spirit and gusto as earlier.

What makes our programme distinct from other programmes, is that it is organized regardless of any caste, creed or religion. Any talented individual can come and present himself or herself on this open dais. Besides this, neither do we invite any dignitary nor do we invite any politician. This program is conducted by the people, for the people and belongs to the people of Ujjain.”

On being asked about the underlying meaning of ‘Abhivyakti’, he points out that Abhivyakti meant the ability to express one’s inner-most desires, feelings and thoughts. Different people have different methods to express their deep-seated emotions and feelings however here these subtle expressions are presented through various art forms and skills sets. What’s more, these are represented by none other than but our city’s very own dynamic youngsters.”

The inspiration behind this Agrawal says was a totally different take on it. “We don’t need any inspiration to do good work. I love children and their energy. As we all know that future of our country and of this entire world is in the hands of younger generation therefore we must continue to nurture their talents and help them realize their cherished dreams. Our organization’s motive is not only to provide a platform to children but also provide them financial assistance for their education and daily needs. We have helped around 50 children s far.”

His message to the residents of Ujjain is simple, he says. “Our motto is to nurture and cultivate young minds and save them for a better future. Besides this we also exhort people to stand up against the social evil such as gender inequality, dowry system, women education to name a few. We must learn to inculcate good values and habits in our children so that our foundation remains strong and a solid future can be built upon it.”


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