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“When it comes to personal life I am the person who would like to have certain privacy.”


His indomitable verve and adeptness in displaying impeccable performance on screen has refined his persona as an actor of paramount elegance. No adjectives can adorn the magnificence of his performance, as he is leveled beyond extraordinary.  In an exclusive conversation, with The Free Press Journal, Mohit Raina of Colors popular Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat talks about his heroic characters, the show and more…

 After your successful stint in Devon Ke Dev – Mahadev, you’ve been seen mostly in period dramas. What makes you to restrict your choices?

 Well, I don’t look it as a period drama; I look it as a character which used to be very powerful in those times and as an actor it’s very challenging, because television is female dominated industry and shows based on men are very few. I guess I enjoy playing all those characters and there’s a lot of scope to perform. There’s a lot that one can play as an actor. In those times the character used to be very powerful, performance oriented and the journey used to be very interesting.

 As you play the role of Ashoka, do you think that it would create identity crisis due to people’s fondness towards you as Mahadev from the previous show?

 It’s just been a week that people have started seeing me as Ashoka. I guess it definitely takes time to build and get into the character, it takes time for the audience reaction towards the character and it takes time to understand the character to start performing because one can’t really start performing instantly. After one month they’ll accept me in this character as well. The kind of success and appreciation that I have received during the show Mahadev cannot be repeated. I guess it just happened. It’s past and its gone, I respect whatever I have achieved because of that show but I cannot be sitting and thinking about it.

 Your relationship matters have been discussed widely, why don’t you break the ice?

 There is nothing to break the ice. I am a very boring person. I usually get a little high and little inclination to play such historic characters because they make the life interesting, so similarly, I don’t really mix my personal life. I would like to keep it under wraps. It sounds funny but that’s how I want to do it. I would like to be there, work for people and work for myself but when it comes to personal life I am the person who would like to have certain privacy. When the time is right and the things are right, I’ll speak about it.

 As the television is flooded with period dramas, what is your take about the manipulation or alteration of the representation of facts in such shows?

 No. We really can’t manipulate it. We are in the television industry and things do go haywire at times but one cannot completely manipulate. We are daily soaps who take little bit of liberty but one cannot completely change the history or manipulate it to an extent that people go against the show because at the end of the day, everybody has the right to pose or ask question. Things do go haywire at times but it’s ok, as it’s the part and parcel of the industry but we don’t completely work on the grounds of manipulation.

 What interests you more- reality shows or daily soaps?

 Interesting characters, I really think that if I do any reality show, I’ll stop getting work because I am such a boring person that I won’t be able to do anything in a reality show. I like to hide my boringness in the character that I play. I really respect people who do reality shows. I want to do but I can’t really push myself in a situation or given to the personality that I have, reality shows don’t really interest me.

 How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?

I was working and I didn’t have much time but I did speak with my mom on the phone. I think one must celebrate Mother’s Day on a daily basis but to dedicate just one day to mother is just unfair. I don’t know how it started. It’s a trend that had started and I respect it and I have nothing against the day but technically, whatever we are it is because of our parents, so we have to celebrate these days. One should make them special on such days but one should not ignore them rest of the days, rather should make them feel special all days. I spoke with my mom while I was busy working in the outskirts of Bombay but I’ll make sure to take time out to spend time with her.