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“We are the writers of our destinies”, says Sudhanshu Sinhal, Managing Director, Sinhal Classes


Sudhanshu Sinhal, Managing Director, Sinhal Classes Pvt Ltd, shares his thoughts on the need for parents to support their children among other things on coaching. He is young and dynamic, and has his pulse on what he does best – managing the systems and processes at his organisation, where the foremost thought is to get students to achieve their goals. He is punctual (he pulled himself out of a delayed meeting to keep his appointment with me) and works in a modern fashion, keeping up with the millennial generation and their needs and wants. That’s Sudhanshu Sinhal, Managing Director, Sinhal Classes Pvt Ltd. Excerpts from an interview:

Please can you share your vision for Sinhal Classes and its students?

Our vision is simple – to mentor and guide the students in achieving a bright future by providing a knowledge bridge to them between schools and their dream colleges.

How important is it to recognise talent and ability at a very young age?

There is no particular age for parents to recognise their child’s talent. When they realise that their child has more inclination towards maths and science, they need to nurture that make arrangements for proper academic coaching. In the same manner as the parents would nurture talent for a sport or otherwise – like cricket or music, parents should nurture recognised ability for science and math.

Why is coaching necessary to crack the board exams well?

Coaching becomes necessary for competitive and entrance exams because the Indian education system is geared towards junior college and completing the syllabus and taking the board exams at the end. These colleges and schools are not equipped to teach for competitive exams and multiple choice questions (MCQs). Students aspiring to take these professional exams need to work differently, where coaching will help in training them. Students aiming for professional degrees also may require coaching as concepts are cleared at fundamental level during coaching.

Apart from studying the regular school syllabus, it is important to know the application of the syllabus, which for instance we address wit h our Sinhal’s Foundation Course. For cracking competitive exams like IIT and medical NEET, presentation of an essay type anser does not matter, as long as student is able to eliminate the wrong answers as these exams are MCQ based. Techniques are important, and these can be learnt. Besides, the Sinhal’s

Do students feel very stressed and pressured when they are studying for their exams?

Students tend to feel stressed when they worry too much about the outcome of the exam, or when their study style is not productive. Often, they lack strategies for writing effectively at the exams. But if they have planned their studies throughout the year and have adapted the correct techniques of scoring high, they won’t feel that stressed.

How can a coaching class like Sinhal Classes help students to calm down and focus on studies rather than feel very stressed?

We have a 3 fold strategy towards eliminating stress:
1. Student Motivational Counselling: Our in-house Psychologist counsels students for relieving stress.

2. Motivational Counselling for Parents: Parents too need counselling to help them push their child the right way

3. Explaining the Scope of

Syllabus: Anxiety amongst students is due to fear of uncertainty. We explain them the scope of syllabus and train them to go deep rather than going wider. That itself reduces the stress by 50%.

Some students do well in the board exams, but there are many others who don’t score well. What is your advice to such students so that they can make proper career decisions?

Advice for those who can’t make it, is accept the result positively and try to work on the next best option and be happy about it.
Second advice would be if you are 100% sure that your passion lies in it, give a second try.

Your students are quite young in age so parents play a huge part in their lives. Can you share with us some of the concerns that parents have any their children and their education?

Parents are usually concerned about which textbooks their child should refer or which Test series/ Tests Papers their child should solve to score well in Boards.

When parents have unrealistic expectations from their children, what can be done and what should be told to the parents so that they don’t stress the child?

Parents need to understand that ‘Life is like mathematics, to work out our life, we need formulas that suit our uniqueness.’ The times have changed and their child has a very different environment to deal with and sometimes parent’s choices don’t match with today’s reality. Today’s parents has to play a role of a friend, philosopher, and guide. Hence it necessary that they teach their children to be independent and to take decisions on their own. Gain their child’s confidence and motivate them to discuss their queries with them. Seek professional help whenever required. This would automatically reduce child’s stress.

At Sinhals, we conduct ‘Monthly Open House’ and ‘Quarterly PTM’ to help student and parents understand the student’s performance, his/ her subjectwise strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome his/her subjectwise weaknesses. The evaluation report given to students, help parents understand where their child stands and plan his/her career accordingly.

What do you think about interest in the subjects to study Science in junior college?

Let me explain. There are students who are excellent in studies and will score will in any subject. Mostly in our country, these students are told to take up science.

It is imperative that the child’s interest should be kept in mind. In India, the logical push towards science is because science students have an advantage over commerce and arts students. If a student chooses Science in junior college and later wants to change the stream to commerce or arts, it is possible but not the other way round. Hence students who are not 100% sure about their career option are advised to take science in junior college.

No one looks whether they are interested in studying science or not. What can be done so that the child’s interest is also taken care of?

The child’s aptitude is a mirror of his personality, strengths and weaknesses. Hence, a strategically designed aptitude test can reveal a lot of information that can help in taking a well-informed career selection. At Sinhal’s, we also conduct ‘Career Margdarshan’ counselling sessions and career quiz to help students decide ‘What after class 10?’

When the students are coached in doing well at the entrance exam, how do you also make sure that they develop knowledge also?

At Sinhal’s, we have 100% concept oriented teaching. We encourage students to ask the slightest doubt they have and not bother what others will say if my doubt is silly and all doubts are resolved before we proceed to next topic.

We always ask our students to enjoy what they learn. For example, I always tell my students that everyone knows that an apple when dropped falls down, but only a science student can explain why it falls down and why it does not go up.

Also, please add anything that you want to say for the benefit of our readers.

“There are only two constants: the time we come and the time we go. Everything in between is in our own hands. We are the writers of our destinies.”