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Wanted: A house for this cute couple!


Rohit Pramar talks to Omkar Kapoor and Simran Kaur Mundi about their web-based feature film dealing with love life in a metro city

Omkar Kapoor and Simran Kaur Mundi are all set for the release of their next film U Me & Ghar. The film is a web-based feature film and it’s a unique concept that has not been previously attempted in the Indian entertainment industry. From today, the film will be available on online platforms, Web Talkies, YouTube, Hungama. Over to the lead pair…

I can see that you both are very excited…
Simran: Of course! It’s a unique concept. So when I first heard the script, I could see that it’s something everybody experiences in Mumbai. Couples who are in a live-in-relationship go through this a lot. It instantly clicked with me and I was like I have to do this film. Also, my role is very challenging. There are some scenes where I had to cry and it was overwhelming. So it’s been a great experience over all.

Omkar: I have an exciting role in this film and I was looking forward to it. It’s a story about a young musician. I was also very excited for this film because it’s for youth and I am looking forward to connecting with them again. Plus it’s releasing around Valentine’s Day, so I want all the youth who has gone through heartbreak to watch it.

Tell us about your role…
Simran: My character’s name is Chitranshi Mazumdar. As a Punjabi, it was a very challenging and interesting role for me. I was constantly watching my pronunciation. I wanted to make sure my dialect is correct. As a character, she is very strong-headed and independent woman. She is well-educated. She is doing pretty well in life. In fact, both the characters are very strong headed that’s why the fight happens in this film.
Omkar: My character Mithlesh is young at his job, wanting to learn more. He is trying to settle down in this relationship with Chitranshi. He’s soft hearted because he belongs to the world of music. He tries to manage everything he can but sometimes things don’t happen as he planned.

How was it working with each other?
Simran: I usually don’t prepare for readings. So during the first reading, I reached over there but I was late. So he was fully prepared, he knew his character. He was pretty sorted and he knew what he was getting into whereas I hadn’t even read my script. So while we were doing the readings, his lines were bang on, he knew what the mood was, he knew everything. I was still trying to understand so I felt unprepared. So I need to learn this from him. Always go prepared. I find emotional scenes a bit tough and he helped me with that as well. Omkar was giving me that kind of emotion and support with his dialogue delivery. I actually felt the moment as if he is genuinely my boyfriend and we are breaking up for real so I couldn’t help my tears. We developed a great chemistry in a very short span of time.

Omkar: She is inherently a happy girl from inside. She doesn’t take things very seriously and it’s a blessing. I don’t take things very lightly. On the other hand, I think she was such fun on the sets. She would do a lot of things on the sets that I found entertaining. So she is funny and I like being around happy people. It was a lot of fun working with her.

Have you guys signed anything new?
Omkar: There are a lot of things, I’m in process with. But as they say, you have to wait for good things. So I’m waiting. I’m not greedy. I’m not in a race out here. It’s okay. It’s a marathon, I will run it well.
Simran: After this, I’m going to star in another web series. It will be produced again by Hungama. Other than that I can’t reveal anything because I have a few projects but I don’t want to jinx them.