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“Trust sets the foundation of love”, says Drashti Dhami


Her on-screen character radiates an aura of benevolence and forbearance. As Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil mirrors the eternal verities that set the substratum of love, Drashti Dhami speaks to Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about the  unwonted concept of the show, her significance of love, the phases of her on-screen characterization and more…

 What characteristics of Drashti and Naina (character name) bring the wise in love?

As Drashti, I think cooking up a good meal, sitting with my husband and watching Netflix series; that’s how I do when in love with my husband as a wife. We clean the room and our house together every night. As Naina (character name), I have just started my journey as a wife with Raghav, the man who convinced me to marry Veer. Viewers will see Naina’s dilemma after marriage as she finds out about how her husband is not what she thought he is.

There will also be an interesting chemistry, a glimpse of which has already been revealed in our on-screen moments on the show. At the moment, the script will focus on how she struggles to become a wife to her estranged friend, Raghav. As Drashti, on the other hand, I belong to a family that has accepted me wholeheartedly. Right now, I am on top of the world and waiting for all the good things to happen to me, but in terms of what would Naina’s situation be, I think we’ll come to know in another week’s time.

What is most important to you as Naina (character name) and as Drashti – truth or love?

As Naina and Drashti, truth or trust sets the foundation of love. Love can happen at any point of time in life, but if you are not true to yourself and to the people you love, it will be short-lived and make you unhappy. As Naina, her trust is betrayed as Raghav married her without revealing his identity while her choice of husband, Veer, left her in the aisle without an explanation. She has to get answers to many questions before she can trust Raghav again.

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You have been seen in only love stories so far, has this show changed the way we see Drashti and the other love stories in the Indian television?

I think this love story is very different. It has a contemporary touch of how the protagonists meet and fall for each other. It’s very natural. It’s very real. That’s how it’s different from the other love stories that I have done.

The track on the show does not have a common place storyline. Raghav and I are married without being in love with each other. We feel betrayed in ways we cannot explain to one another.

Your character in the show features level-headedness and straightforwardness; do you think your character has stood out from the other mainstream characters of regular love stories?

I think there is a differentiating factor in the way Naina perceives everything. While there are many layers to her character which are yet to be revealed, she is already making way to the heart of viewers gradually as moving on in her life with Raghav and finding out that Veer ran away from mandap. Despite the revelation during the wedding, viewers saw her keeping quiet for her mom. This does not showcase weakness, but the strength in her heart and what she can bear for her family.

There will be further ups and downs in her life, and I am glad I get to play a character who will inspire many young women on how they can come out stronger, not giving in to the expectations of society. Viewers will get to see her bold, strong and intellectual side soon.

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Your moment of ‘love in the air’ in real life?

I think the day my husband proposed me at 11 pm in the night. I think that was the day of my ‘moment of love in the air’.

 (‘Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil’ airs on Star Plus, weekdays at 8 pm)