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Suhail Nayyar aka ‘Jassi’, taking his first step in Bollywood


Suhail Nayyar-Shahid Kapoor

Hearing the title of the film, Suhail Nayyar mistook Udta Punjab to be a Punjabi film. In fact he even wanted to audition for Tommy Singh’s part which was played by Shahid Kapoor. Playing Shahid’s brother in the film, Jassi, Suhail Nayyar says Shahid inspired him to work hard. He talks to Viraj Sawant about his journey from fearing the stage to taking acting as a career.

Tell us something about yourself. Where are you from and is anyone from your family in the Hindi film industry?

I was born and brought up in Delhi. No one from my family is from the Hindi film industry.

Was Bollywood always on your mind?

I was a very dull and lanky kid at school. I was terrified of bunking classes for the longest time. I had very few friends. Although, I used to dance and do mimicry but the stage frightened me. It all changed in the 11th grade when I gathered the courage and actually stepped on to the school stage. I discovered that I love acting and after that there was no looking back.

How did you bag UDTA PUNJAB?

I was called for an audition by the team to test for Jassi’s character. Half the script was in Punjabi which made me little thoughtful, I inquired further for the name of the film and was told it’s, UDTA PUNJAB. Hearing the name I was sure that it’s a Punjabi film and I am auditioning for one of the characters. After I was done with my take I requested the casting person if I could also audition for Tommy’s character.  His reply still rings a bell in my ears. (Laughs)He replied saying Shahid Kapoor is playing Tommy. I heard that and for a few seconds was taken aback and then I gathered myself and asked him if I could give one more take for the audition. He was nice enough to agree and then I gave my best shot.

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After two days they called me again and said ‘Chaubey sir ko bohot accha laga hai and he wants to meet you’. Then I met Abhishek Chaubey in Mumbai and he gave me 2-3 more scenes to act and then we improvised, he directed me and overall it was a very nice experience. Then the next day I got a call from the production saying that I had been finalized for Jassi’s character.

What was the best compliment you got from someone for your role in UDTA PUNJAB?

I am enthralled by the response I am getting forUDTA PUNJAB. I never imagined that people would love my character so much, I am getting fan messages and people spot me on the streets, ask for pictures. But the best compliment was from my director, writer and the producers because they have written, conceived and created the character. It feels awe-inspiring when they praise you.

How was it working with Shahid Kapoor since you had many shots with him?

It was a great experience working with Mr. Kapoor. He is very nice and supportive and constantly looking at him made me work harder on myself because every time he was around I would feel inspired. So that made me work harder with more diligence.

What’s next for you?

Currently I am shooting for my web series ‘Life Sahi Hai’ where I am essaying the role of a sardar – Jasjit.

What do you enjoy more film or your on-going web series?

Honestly both have their own charm and both have been great learning curves for me. Both the characters need me to play someone I’m not so it was indeed a very enriching experience to do research on these characters like Jassi in UDTA PUNJAB who is from Amritsar, a wanna be, wants to copy his rock star brother to Jasjit who is a casanovasardar from Delhi, working in Microsoft, an easy going boy, is a case study in its self

What sort of films are you looking forward to do in Bollywood?

Honestly, I really want to play a character which challenges me as an actor.