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Shiamak Davar: The favourite part of my house is bedroom for the sea view from my window


“My building has a great lawn and compound.”

Choreographer Shiamak Davar tells Anita Raheja-Heena Agarwal that his favourite part of the house is his bedroom because of its view of the sea

Bachelor choreographer Shiamak Davar (56) lives with his mother in South Mumbai in an apartment at Napean Sea Road. He says, “I was born here. This house was purchased by my parents before my birth.” So Shiamak didn’t choose the house, the house chose him.

Shiamak, who has taken giant strides in his career from the award-winning choreographer of Dil Toh Pagal Hai to composing a dance piece comprising Indian dancers in the Tom Cruise megahit, Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, says, “I would describe my house as adequately large and a sea-facing one. My favourite part of my house is my bedroom because I enjoy the view of the sea from my window. Since my house overlooks the sea, the calm of the water always conveys peace.”

However Shiamak is not possessive about his room “except for some of my belongings such as my books and my DVD collection.”

Shiamak with his mom

The decor of the house has been jointly designed by Shiamak’s mother and his aunt, Uta. He proudly adds, “It’s a typical Parsi style house.”

Shiamak is partial to the antique furniture and other articles and objects that have become second nature to him. He hasn’t purchased a lot of new furniture because most of the antique furniture has been in his family for generations.

The house, says the choreographer who runs a successful dance academy, reflects his personality. He divulges, “It’s open and lets in lots of light and breeze which makes for a bright and happy environment.”

Candles occupy a place of pride in his house because Shiamak admits, “I like collecting candles from different places of the world that I have travelled.”

When we ask Shiamak, which are the three adjectives he would use to describe his house, he deliberates for a moment and enigmatically replies, “Home, home, home!” Ask him to elaborate and he elucidates, “My house, for me, means a place where I can really be me.”

Shiamak, who has a friendly and amiable disposition, says, “My friends love to hang out and enjoy the Parsi food at my house. For dinners and work meetings, we prefer to use the living room. Even when my Mom has her friends over it’s always the living room where they all catch up and dine too.”

The lithe dancer doesn’t have a terrace of his own but he isn’t complaining. He says, “The building has a common terrace and also has a great lawn and compound.”

A lover of animals – “My dogs are a part of my family and they feel very much at home” – Shiamak lets them have access to all parts of the house. He vouches, “They are quite well behaved, you see.”

A house-proud person, Shiamak is very attached to his home. Getting a tad emotional he signs off with, “This house is my world; the memories and experiences I have been through in this house mean the world to me. Whenever I travel, I am always homesick and am keen to return as soon as possible to the place where I belong.”