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On a musical high!


Sukhwinder Singh spoke to Shubarna Mukerji Shu, recently about his two smashing hits – ‘Gajanan’ and ‘Bolo Har Har…’

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Did you anticipate the kind of response ‘Gajanan’ and ‘Bolo Har Har’ garnered?
Each and every time an artist takes up a project, he or she wants to make it big and successful and I am lucky enough that most of my songs including these ones have garnered so much love from everyone. Fortunately both these songs are devotional  songs and have released during a festive season so It’s a treat for everyone and I feel blessed to be associated with such beautifully tracks.

Can you talk about both the tracks?
Gajanan is the single which released during Ganesh Chaturthi, it is a full power festive song which features Ajay Devgn and the music is beautifully composed by Jeet Ganguli. After my Ganpati song in ‘Bajirao Mastani’ this was a second one for me and each and everytime I get goosebums when I sing a devotional track. Bolo Har Har is again a song which is really closed to my heart as I am a huge devotee of Lord Shiva and since it was an Ajay Devgn track there was no reason for me to refuse. It’s a song which has great energy level and it was an amazing experience overall.

Can you tell us about your tribute to Kishore Kumar? Was it planned?
Kishoreda has always been an inspiration to me, so yes it was in my mind since a long time. There is no monetary interest involved in this venture. Through these songs, I have tried to adopt a fresh approach as the songs have a little bit of my style, but the essence of his songs remains entact.

Majority of your songs are high-energy numbers. Do you feel your versatility has a singer gets restricted at times, and that you have been typecast in the industry?
I agree to it that most of my songs are high energy numbers and I enjoy to sing such kind of songs but although they are of high energy but their genres are different and that matters the most. And my versatility as a singer won’t get restricted as I have got an opportunity to sing all kinds of genres and with ‘I Love You Kishore Da’ I have sung covers of his few super hit songs which are all different in nature.

Or are you very selective about the projects you take up?
Yes, I am selective about the projects because I only take up the songs which I feel will connect with people easily and I am fortunate enough that I got to work with the finest and most talented composers in our industry.

There has been a recent phenomenon of rap being incorporated in most songs (including ‘Bolo Har Har’). What do you have to say about this practice?
Change is a necessity of time and music is such a thing which changes from place to place and time to time. Audience loves what hits straight to their heart and nothing is wrong in that. I am also a huge admirer of many new talents and I am impressed with the kind of work they are doing, and I would like to say that it’s a golden period for music industry as many young talents are coming with fresh ideas whoch also includes rapping.

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Bollywood is now home to a lot of young talent – singers and composers both, and most established singers have gone missing from the scene. What do you have to say about this?
A lot of new singers are getting the opportunity in the industry and I must say that they are doing pretty well, but I don’t agree that the established singers have gone missing from the industry as it all depends on the songs. If the song is suitable to particular singer’s voice than it goes to him or her then whether it is a new singer or an established singer. Composers from our insutry are smart and they know exactly that which voice will suit for particular song and they cast it accordingly.

Also, a lot of actors are seen singing their own songs. Does this, at times, take away opportunities from established singers?
It’s very important to have a knowledge about music before you do playback to any song. And I guess that these actors that have given their own voice for their songs have great knowledge in music so there is no harm in that. I feel it doesn’t take any opportunity from any one, we all have enough work to do and there is a lot of work in the industry so everyone has their share of it.

There are so many music-based reality shows these days. What do you have to say about such shows being a platform for upcoming talent? Will we ever see you judging a show?
As of now I can’t say anything whether I will be open to judging any reality show or not as I have not given any thought to it, but yes now -a-days reality shows are the stepping stones to enter into Bollywood music industry. There are several established singers who are from reality shows and I really admire their work. Reality shows helps singers to reach out to a larger audience and their voice is heard by our composers as well, so it helps to get good work at the very start of your career.