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My sister Tanushree understands me better than myself, says Ishita Dutta


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She outshined the silver and small screen with her elegance and allure. She is an actor who merits films and television equally. Ishita Dutta of Life Ok’s popular Rishton Ka Saudagar – Baazigar talks to Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about her bond with the sister-actor Tanushree Dutta, her love for small screen and more…

You joined television after quite a long break; do you think that your comeback was very well received by the audience?

Yes, most definitely. Firstly, I didn’t consciously leave TV. It just happened that after my previous show got over. I did films and something or the other was happening. As you know TV needs a lot of time and one can’t think to do anything else especially if one is playing the lead, hence I couldn’t pick up television but I have always believed in destiny and the fact that the right thing happen at the right time and I think this was the time to do something in television, hence I got the show. I have got lot of love and a lot of support from everybody and I am really happy.

How is your bonding with your sister Tanushree Dutta?

My bonding is really very strong, today if I am in this industry and if I am working as an actor it’s because of her. I always say that she has most faith in me and she understands me much more than I do. She knew that I was interested in acting but I was not very sure because it is very tough to make a mark in this industry. One thing she always says is, you need to follow your dream and listen to your heart and it should not necessarily be to achieve something in life but to do something that you really wanted to do and leave the rest regarding achieving or not achieving success; at least you will never regret in life that you didn’t try. Because of her motivation and persuasion I went for an acting course. That’s it; I think after that there was no looking back because I was absolutely sure that this is what I want to do. My bonding with her is really very strong because she is my guide in my life.

Should we be seeing you and Tanushree sharing same screen space in future?

Would love to, we tried it in the past where we were offered a Kannada film together and for some reason it didn’t work out and it didn’t happen but we were very excited that we would we be shooting together. Obviously, I think it’s going to be so exciting to work with her; it will be so much fun.

How would you define ego that goes beyond love to bring insanity in a relationship?

I think for everybody it’s different. I think in any relationship there are ups and downs. It depends on each and every person or each and every couple as to how their understanding is. So, one really can’t comment. Today what my relation with my mom is, it would be very different from what my relation with my dad. In today’s time, I see a lot of problems happening in relationships and I just believe that it shouldn’t happen. What I’ve seen earlier is, it was just one person who would take control. It was the man who used to go out and work and now both the partners are working, so somehow the girls have taken the job of a man where they go out and work but the man is not really coming back and doing the household work. The balance has gone a little haywire and that’s why the problem exists.

Are you happy to comeback on television owing to the fact that many actors prefer films for its finite duration of work than the long working period of daily soaps that stretch as long as the TRP’s demand?

Yes, I think it is very difficult in television but having said that, in the last 3 years I have seen a lot of change. I remember shooting 3 years back when I had no time and I would not get any off and I remember I got 7-8 days off in the entire year. It was crazy. But now, I am getting an off and pack up on time. I think even here in television they are trying to follow a pattern and they are trying to give rest to not just actors but the entire unit. I think that’s really nice. Yes, films have their own pattern, it has its benefits like one would shoot for 2-3 months, one gets a schedule break etc. but I really enjoy this. I am a person who would like to work every day. I really like it and enjoy it that’s why I am probably doing television again otherwise, I wouldn’t have.

As you and your co actor Vatsal Sheth have signed a no dating clause in the show, do you think such policies or clauses can bring in a matured work environment?

Firstly, each production house has its own set of rules that they’d want the actors to follow and they’ve given us the freedom to make the decision and nobody is forcing us but again enforcing a law or rule can’t really mean that people can’t really fall in love because it’s not technical; it just happens. In our production when I heard this, I knew why I am doing this show because I like the subject and I like my character and I want to work. I am not thinking about dating and all these things especially when I am signing a show. For me, to sign a clause like this was not a big deal. I didn’t really think so much, in fact, I thought about it only when the controversy started, people started talking and a lot of people got offended by the contract because a lot of people have found love while they were doing the shows. For me it’s okay. If I am okay with it then I would have signed and if I am not okay with it then I wouldn’t have signed. I understand and respect everybody else’s views.