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“Music has a lot of healing power”, says Kamalika Guha Thakurta


Dance, music and acting make her a complete entertainer. Kamalika Guha Thakurta, popularly known for her acting stints in many Indian television soap operas talks to Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about Artscape, meditation and more…

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What is Artscape all about?

The idea is to use the performing arts, i.e. music, dance and theatre as a therapy and a way to feel mind and the body.

How is Artscape different from the other mainstream healing techniques available in the market?

Artscape doesn’t aim to be different. The point is to use these techniques together as a therapy. When we are using music we are using chanting and when we are using chanting we are automatically getting into meditation, so it’s not one against the other but to use different techniques to create an environment of peace.

What inspired you to conceive the idea of Artscape?

I have been involved with music and dance at a very young age. I was born and bred in Kolkata. I became a professional performer and then I got into acting. I am in the television industry for past 17 years. I have been doing stage performances with my Odissi dance and music. I run a music institute also. While I was doing this work for over so many years, I always knew that music has a lot of healing power. Theatre and movement can be used for personality development and bring confidence among the people. So, I thought that I wanted to use that aspect of the arts which is why I kind of thought this through and I’ve put together other professionals also who are working as trained therapists, trained Reiki masters and trained meditation therapists. There are dancers and musicians. We are a team and work together in Artscape.

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How did the television industry people respond towards Artscape?

They have been participating. My colleagues know that I do this session and they all are very encouraging. They follow the Artscape page on Facebook. Music therapy is big in the whole world and I feel that this is something that one can work on and get it forward.

People still remember your character as Gayatri Bhabhi in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Has this phenomenon been ever challenging for you when you evolve yourself in new characters for soap operas?

Even now, Kyunki Saas…has been the biggest success for Balaji and each one of us who associate with the show. So many years have passed, but the characters of that show are still remembered by the people. I feel very grateful about Kyunki Saas… because it was a chartbusting show and it was a path breaker. It’s a legendary success and I always feel proud about it and I have no issues about being known as Gayatri.