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“It is just beautiful to see the conflict between mind, body and soul”: Kunal Jaisingh


Kunal Jaisingh of Star Plus’ popular Ishqbaaaz talks to Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about the success of the show, the individualism of his character and more…

Owing to the context of the show, you play the role of Omkara who is a self made billionaire, but the show portrays you as the scion of a famous billionaire family. So it’s natural for people to perceive Omkara who has a successful career / life because of his famous wealthy family. Do you think your character in the show needs a reality check?

I think everyone needs a reality check in life. As for my character, to portray him in a certain way lies in the hands of the creative’s of the show. As for me in my personal life, a reality check is mandatory for everyone. Everyone has wishes and aspirations, but it’s always better to know what lies ahead because expectations lead to disappointments.


Do you think that the reason behind the success of Ishqbaaaz is because of its intended message that has well reached the audience?

Absolutely! If that wasn’t the case, then it would be very vague and I don’t think people would be easily accepting it, but we’ve kept it so much closer to the reality and everyday problems, which I think every family in some way or the other on their own scale faces. I think that’s a very important thing in showing the ups and downs within a family which every family goes through, but unity is still prevailing and I think that is beautiful. I think that message is going across very beautifully.

Although you have a pivotal role in the show, do you think that you aren’t getting enough opportunity to explore yourself on screen as much as the other main actors?

The show is just few months old now. If they start opening plots at the same time, then later on the content will be compromised. I think one should only start thinking about the screen space probably a year and a year and a half down the road in the show. If we open all the plots, then there will be no content left, there will be no mystery left and there will be nothing left.

Having performed in various shows in the past, now you are in a different sphere with Ishqbaaaz. How does the audience perceive you at this stage of your career?

At this stage, I think it’s wonderful. People see me and they recognize me. They recognize me for the work that I am doing. The compliment that I get is- “you act well” which is a beautiful thing as an actor to hear and not just like “you look good”, you are looking nice” etc. “You are performing very nice” is the biggest compliment that I too receive which I do appreciate. Of course, when you get recognized and of course when people want to click pictures with you, you do feel a sense of accomplishment of being on the right track.

What do you regret about playing this character?

I don’t think up till now I regret anything in this character. I think it is a beautiful character and I think all the 3 brothers portraying their own characters. The beautiful part about it is that none of the characters are overlapping. There are no traits of Shivaay (character name) overlapping into Omkara’s (character name) or Omkara’s overlapping into Rudra’s (character name) or Rudra’s overlapping into Shivaay’s. I think all the 3 characters are so beautifully and distinctively defined that it is just beautiful to see the conflict between mind, body and soul.

How do you keep yourself fit and healthy?

Running here and there, controlling on how much I eat and what I eat. It’s 3-4 times in a week I probably go to the gym.