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“I want people to know me as Shreya from Queens Hai Hum”, says Jia Shankar


She has the prowess to bring acting worth entertaining on-screen. Jia Shankar of &TV’s popular ‘Queens Hai Hum’ speaks to Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about the relatability of her character in the show, the freedom that makes her the queen and more…  

Not much people know about you as an actor, but with Queens Hai Hum, how do you want people to know about you?

I just want people to know me as Shreya (character name), as I am in Queens Hai Hum. Rest, I think that they’ll come to know if I become famous (chuckles).

You did a south movie previously and a TV show as well, how do you feel being offered to play pivotal roles only so far?

I have always played the female protagonist, so it’s nothing exciting about that. I am just glad and grateful that I have been able to work or I have been able to receive this kind of character or work. Hence, I am just grateful.

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How can women whose lives are similar to that of Shreya (character name) relieve themselves from the clutches of being just a marriage material?

I feel that it’s very suffocating when one has to follow others rules and regulations, but its fine to keep all these things in mind and have life for oneself too. At least, women can have a little time for themselves where they can do what they want to do without going beyond their restrictions or reputations but they must do something that can give them happiness.

Shouldn’t women fight for the change?

They should fight for what they feel is right, but they should fight for their priority. If their priority is their family, then that comes first, but if they feel that something wrong is happening in their surroundings then they should speak up for the same. I feel that family comes first before everything but it shouldn’t be such that one has no time for oneself.

Women are judged on various parameters irrespective of whether women are right or wrong, do you think they should be conscious in whatever they do as they are constantly under the radar of judgments?

People are going to judge an individual no matter what one does. Even if one is right, there are people who will say bad stuff about them. It is very difficult to be a woman in this male dominated country. I feel that one should let it go and just be oneself and be proud to be a woman. I feel that a woman should be the change, why fight for the change? Women already have the freedom, so just live it, but fighting for it will only waste time on people who are not going to let them live. If one tries to change the world, then it’s not going to happen.

What defines the ‘queen’ in you?

I feel that I am a girl who is living the dream. I do what I want to. I have the freedom and I have my own voice to speak if something is wrong. I feel that freedom makes me the ‘queen’.