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“I have always thought that I am attractive”


She is truly worth her weight in gold. Debutant of &TV’s Badho Bahu talks to Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about her show, realization of self worth, beauty beyond size and more…

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How did you land the role of Komal in “Badho Bahu”?

Well, they called me for the audition. I gave an audition and then they liked me. They asked me to go for a look test and once that was over they finalized me for the role. It happened really quickly.

What kind of breakthrough will this show bring in the Indian television?

I guess it’s the whole thing of looking beyond just the physical and appreciating goodness in people and seeing inner beauty. It will help us in the society and not be so caught up in the brainwashing by the society which has got us into thinking that women have to look a certain way or be a certain way. But why? Who said that women have to only be a certain size? Why do women have to wax their legs? Why do they have to do their eyebrows? May be this is the small step towards issues about women in general; bringing about change and the way people think about women.

People have a penchant for a perfect body and their obsession for good looks has always propelled them to lose their individuality. What is your opinion about such a mania?

(Sighs) I think it’s a very big problem and it needs to be dealt slowly. I think celebrities are trying to do their bit and trying to deal with it. At the end of the day, it’s the people in the public eye who can actually affect with change. It’s all about bringing the realness and relatability on the celluloid.

Has there been a moment wherein you too wanted to shape well in order to make a career in television or films?

For me, it’s never been about the aesthetic thing. My father is a doctor, so purely from the health point of view I do think that I need to lose weight, but aesthetically I never had a trouble accepting myself because I have always thought that I am attractive. I have never felt that I am ugly. That’s good for me, but I am sure for other people who are of my size might think that way. I was just lucky to have been brought up in an environment where everybody is really supportive and encouraging and loving.

Do you think that the mantra “Accept yourself the way you are” usually makes oneself lazy enough to throw in the towel than making criticisms as the best teacher to make oneself better?

It depends on person to person. If they are unhappy with their body, then they should change it, but if they are happy then let them be, who are we to tell somebody else? It all depends on a person and what is going on in their brain. It’s as simple as that. To each his own. It’s none of our business what somebody else does. This as a country we have not understood because we don’t understand the concept of privacy or personal thought or opinion. Everybody wants to be in everybody’s spaces. So, that’s the issue.

How is your experience working with Prince Narula?

He is awesome. He is great. We have a lot of fun on set. He is very calm, helpful and he is the most chilled out person. It was fun.

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Having performed on stage, how confident are you to debut on screen?

I am extremely confident because I studied acting for 3 years. In that, we had acting for camera module and acting for the stage, so we covered everything with basics for acting. I am an actor. An actor is an actor and they should be able to do everything. Greatest actors in the world do all kinds of acting work. It’s just in our country that Bollywood stars often don’t do other things. Priyanka Chopra is doing so many cool things. She has not restricted herself because she is an actor. She’ll do everything.