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“I don’t leave anything to chance”, Tiger Shroff


He will boomerang and stun you each time you try to put him away, that’s Tiger Shroff – the star, writes Shubarna Mukerji Shu.

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For 26 years of age and two movies, there has been way too much buzz around you, how do you cope?
I lead a very disciplined life. I have a great team and together we are all working towards the same goal. Each day I am given a schedule, all I think about is my day to day procedures, I just follow what I have to do, dedicatedly. Since we are all working hard for one goal, we manage.

Please don’t make it sound so easy when we both know there is nothing remotely easy about handlinga gruelling schedule!
It is!You have to take one step at a time. It is really just that… trust me!

You must have some tricks up your sleeve which you are not sharing!
Tricks of the trade! Frankly, I am just doing what everyone out there can do; the information out there is for everyone. If you want it bad enough you will go through the grind. Go give it all it takes. Do all that you are required to – the only thing needed is discipline. Be it giving up all the tasty food, early call times… it is just like this that you will end up doing more than the others. It is all about how bad you want it, how bad you want to be ahead in the game. It is the work ethic that makes you tick. When you are partying, I am working. When you are sleeping, I am working. When you are eating, I am working. It is this competitive drive that works for me, does the trick.

All this competition can get negative. The constant thought that there are people out there waiting to pull you down…
Let me tell you this, simple logic, if I may: You can only be pulled down when you are low enough for them to pull you down. There is no chance… I don’t leave anything to chance. Idea is to soar above…

Being high above your competitors… that’s a thought!
It is something that I always say, you have to do what others won’t to achieve what others won’t! The sky is the limit.

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All this talk about being above the competition is inspiring but, at the end of the day, you are to get your hands dirty and get down to winning the game from these very competitors. And you say you are not partying (read: networking) like they are…
No, I don’t party to network either. My funda is quite simple – be so good that you cannot be ignored. I will never go around asking for work. Your work should speak for itself. One really doesn’t have to do anything beyond that. I don’t like asking people for favours. I am not comfortable taking; I would much rather give.

That said, there is one question that is always thrown at me – who are the directors I would like to work with? I cannot find the arrogance in me to answer such a question. Who am I to say I would work with so-and-so and soforth? If a director believes I am good, if they appreciate my work, I will get it. All I want is to be wanted, to be appreciated.