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“I can only hope that I get something that I haven’t done before”, says Shravan Reddy


He brought commendable performances on screen. Last seen on Colors’ popular Krishnadasi, Shravan Reddy speaks with Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about his life post the show, current projects and more…

How is life post Krishnadasi?

I am having few meetings. I have given a certain look test. I took a short break, but didn’t really do much. But it’s a very regular stuff. There is no clarity as of now. I’ve just been working on a few short films. I walked as a show-stopper in Delhi for one of these clothing brands. These kinds of stuff keep me busy. There is something else coming up in the month of December. In terms of picking up anything else on TV, as of now I am clueless.

What are the short films that you are working currently?

One short film is with the person whom I knew and have worked long back. It’s not for the web as such. It’s basically for someone who wants to do it to present it for the film festivals, but I really can’t disclose or talk much about the subject as such. I’ll start shooting for that soon. I have just been doing some workshops and other things with them. It (short film) deals with the Muslim background, so probably I’ll be shooting in Lucknow or Hyderabad but that still has to be decided.

If given a chance, what role would excite you to return on screen?

Given the limited options in TV, generally its very similar stuff and very rarely one ends up getting something once in a while. I should be fortunate enough to be offered that also. I mean fitting into that role in particular. I’ll try and pick stuff and hope that I get more shows offers. Dosti… Yaariyan… Manmarziyan was different and Neil was a totally different character who was urbane, cool, very careless kind of a guy but still focused. In Krishnadasi, the set up is different though he is young college going. It’s different in terms of character trait. So, I can only hope that I get something that I haven’t done before. I would not say that I would be choosy but I will just pick up offers which I get from the options that I probably keep getting.

Has demonetization affected you?

At this point of time, mentally I am in that zone wherein I am really not doing much in life. I have not been spending much in life too. I have just been to the bank once and I managed to just take Rs 24000 as a maximum limit in a week and I have been living on that. If I need anything more, then I’ll use a card, but I am not that rich to have black money for me to bother about. It didn’t affect me for sure.

What is your winter style?

Bombay is really not affected by winters. There is no winter style that I would probably prefer. I would prefer track pants, which are generally friendly for all weathers. I just wear a T-shirt and a jacket or maybe a headgear to cover my ears if I get colder. Track pants are basically my attire and may be thick sweat shirts.

How different is men’s skin regime to keep the skin healthy?

It’s not about feeling healthy, but eating healthy, working out, sleeping on time and keeping the mental status right. Especially for guys, I really don’t believe in stressing extraordinarily unless one is working on a character on screen because one has to look like the character.