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“I am a TV actor and not a Bollywood actor”, says Rohit Roy


Actor Rohit Roy, who is known for his role in Hindi TV shows such as Des Mein Niklla Hoga Chand and Swabhimaan, has come a long way and he feels proud to call himself a television actor. The talented actor will be now seen in Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam starrer Kaabil this week. Rohit Pramar spoke to Rohit Roy about his acting career, Kaabil, working with Hrithik Roshan, and more.

Tell us about your role in Kaabil.

I play a negative role in the film. I play a spoiled brat whose elder brother is a really powerful person and influential person. He’s like the King Joffrey from Games Of Thrones. He feels that he owns everything and he can do anything and get away with it. The whole world is created for his entertainment. He doesn’t believe in justice or the law.

How did you prepare for this role?
You can’t really prepare for a role like this. He is a bad boy and he does things that I would never really even think of doing in my real life. In fact, I hate everything he does. So I just went with the flow. At being of my career I learnt one thing from a senior person that you should read all your lines like you don’t have to think about it so it becomes a part of you. So that’s what I did. I don’t think you can ever prepare to be an evil bad man.

How was the experience working on this film?
Working on this film has been the most memorable moment of my life. Before this, I really enjoyed working in Shoutout at Lokhandwala. Till date, it remains one of my favourite roles. But this time we have a notch higher because Rakesh Roshan is the producer and Film Krafts is also associated.

Director Sanjay Gupta is like my brother so I obviously very comfortable on the sets. Working with Ronit Roy, who is playing my elder brother, was also a memorable experience. But I must say that Hrithik Roshan made all of us feel comfortable on the sets and at no point, we felt that we are working with one of superstars of this country. He behaves like a co-star. Throughout the shoot, he kept complimenting my work, my scenes, and it makes a major difference for any actor. So thanks to him.

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So Hrithik is very down to earth and encouraging?
Yes, very. Everybody knows he is down to earth. He has got a heart of gold. He encourages you in a way like no one else can. With Hrithik, whatever you see is whatever you get. He is very honest.

Do you feel competitive with your brother Ronit Roy?
Not at all. In fact, there can never be a competition between us simply because he is a supremely talented actor. He has so done many memorable negative roles and he is still remembered for it. He gets every negative role right. But in Kaabil, you will see him in a different shade of black. So he has got a lot of maturity as an actor and I don’t. So I just hope to be Kaabil enough to be called his brother.

Have you considered limiting yourself to films only?
Where I get work, I will do work. I don’t limit myself. I feel that I am a TV actor and not a Bollywood actor. I started from television with a TV show called Swabhimaan. So whatever I have today, it’s because of television so how can I even think of doing television? Every medium has its challenges and I really enjoy them. So I do television, theatre, and films. Theatre is really challenging because there are no retakes and you fumble. You can’t forget your lines or the tunes. Similarly in television we don’t get much to prepare but it’s still difficult to do it every day and it trains you as an actor. So I love all mediums as they offer different challenges.