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“I am a queen in my everyday life”, says Patrali Chattopadhyay


She brings an incredible performance on-screen. Patrali Chattopadhyay of &TV’s popular Queens Hai Hum talks to Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about the show, her journey as an actor, her opinion about the characters of the show and more…

What characteristics of Akanksha (character name) in the show is actually a part of your personal demeanour?

I am tomboyish since childhood and this character is very rough and tough. So in real life I am a bit outspoken, straight forward and also I love to help others like my character in the show who runs an NGO to help others.

If you had to remodel all the characters in Queens Hai Hum, then how would you do it?

I would like to subtract certain rudeness which is in my character as Akanksha. I would like to make Maya Biyani (character name) more careless. I would like Tanya (character name) to be less bechari and little more outspoken. I would like Jhanvi (character name) to be a really hard nut to crack and Shreya Rathore (character name) to be more pampered by her husband.

Owing to the character you play in the show, do you think women’s condition in our country has changed, considering the fact that the society doesn’t exemplify  all the stature of women for their respective roles unless the change is brought by the achievers?

Women’s condition in our world has changed indeed by promoting the right of equality by many legends and reformers .They have held their heads high by being president to scientists, but I can’t deny the fact that maximum women are still victims of rape, acid throws, dowry, slavery and prostitution . So yes, changes are generally made by the achievers. But sometimes it is also true that people who make changes are remembered as achievers.

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How different has been your journey in comparison to others in the entertainment industry?

 Mumbai is a city of opportunities. The podium, the options and the area of work are vaster than any other regional industries. I had no plans to step into this industry after completing my Masters in Geography and after that I was working in Google Hyderabad. But I guess it was destined. I got an offer as an anchor in one of the leading news channels of Kolkata, when I came back home due to some family reason and things got rolling afterwards.

That moment when you experienced the queen in you in real life. Comment.

Every woman should feel like a queen and treat themselves as a queen. I am not any exception, so yes; I am a queen in my everyday life.

What do you like and dislike about all the 5 queens of your show?

How can I dislike my queens when I know nobody is perfect in this world. Everybody is beautiful with their imperfections. I like Maya (character name) as she is a strong headed woman.
I love our kitchen queen for her patience. I love Jhanvi Seth (character name) for being so ambitious and hardworking. I like Shreya Rathore’s (character name) innocence and charm.