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First I am a dancer, then a choreographer and then a director, says Remo D’souza



Tapping to the right beats, he redefined dance with his unique moves. He can dance up a storm and his ardor can drive anybody to dance. Being the winner of a National Award, he is the multifaceted entertainer who certainly knows the art of filmmaking while striking the fancy footwork at the right rhythm. Remo D’souza talks exclusively with The Free Press Journal about his new film, his new dance reality show and more…

What is your new film A Flying Jatt about? How was your experience in working with Tiger Shroff and Jacqueline Fernandez?

The film is about the youngest superhero of India. Tiger Shroff is playing the superhero in the film. It’s a very different film about a superhero compared to the different superhero movies. Currently, the production of the film is happening. Tiger Shroff is immensely talented and Jacqueline also, is very talented. Both of them are down to earth, they listen to what is said and are very hard working. I think if one gets such kind of people to work then it’s a blessing because the director wants an actor to listen to him and do as told by him. I think that these two actors were amazing, fantastic, very talented and very hardworking.

People relate you more as a choreographer than a filmmaker, how do you act in response to the same and how would you like to see yourself- as a choreographer or as a filmmaker?remo d'souza

I like it. I don’t want to be called as a film director, because I am always a choreographer. People still call me a dancer as well and I feel nice for the same. I’d like to see myself as all but first I am a dancer, then a choreographer and then a film director.

Which kind of dance form would you like to revive if given a chance?

Indian folk dances are totally vanishing and nobody is trying to revive their state folk dances. I would love to revive all the folk dances from all the states because I think that it’s very important for our culture and we should have our folk dances and know about our folk dances. That’s what I want to do.

What were the stumbling blocks while you were pursuing dancing and filmmaking?

Every step that I took didn’t come easy for me because I am not from a filmy background and I wasn’t from Mumbai. It was difficult to stay when I came to Mumbai. It was very difficult to get in the film industry but I got in as a dancer, later it was difficult to get into a good team because there were a lot of background dancers and you ought to be different from others. I’ve struggled and made my place in a dancer community and assisted a choreographer Ahmed Khan, later I became a director, so every step that it took was a big challenge for me. One has to keep working hard and have patience.

Having spent so many years in the industry, you may have come across lot many actors with brilliant dancing skills but who made it your heart?

I think that I’ve worked with almost everyone but the one actor who actually is still in my heart and showed me how passionate he is towards his work and dancing is Mr. Bachchan Sahab. I worked with him on a lot of songs but I would love to keep working with him because he is amazing.

After flagging off Dance + season 1 successfully, what are your expectations with Dance + season 2 and how unusual would it be from other dance reality shows that are springing up?

My expectation is very high because recently I was doing a show in Sangli, Maharashtra and I came across few groups who blew my mind. I think our country has amazing talent and Dance + season 2 will definitely double the talent compared to season 1. It’s like a film, every year thousands of films release and only a few work, similarly, there are a lot of dance reality shows but only the one with talent works. I think we have very good talents in Dance + and I think it should work.