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“Family is the first priority for me”, says Kinshuk Vaidya


He believes in performing without artificiality. Kinshuk Vaidya of Sony TV’s popular Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka talks to Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about his show, the standards of acting and more…

Your pre comeback period as a lead actor in the show Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka.
When I was doing Shaka Laka Boom Boom I had reached 10th grade. When we completed Shaka Laka Boom Boom I took a break from studies. I personally feel education is very important. I did my graduation in BMM in Advertising from Mithibai after which I was preparing myself towards acting and after my preparation I was waiting for something good either in films or shows. Then I met Kavita ma’am. She told me that she’s coming up with her own production house and one show named Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka, which is a family show but a not a typical saas bahu drama. I liked the concept about it being deeply rooted in family values and culture and hence I picked up this show.

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The show is an amalgamation of all Barjatya movies and depicts customary familial problems on screen.
One thing I find unique about the show is that no character is negative. There are situations that make them act in a particular way. I personally like Aryan’s character because he is very contemporary. His family has laid trust in him in a way like even if he is out the entire night he won’t be doing anything wrong to bring distress to his family.

I had a few more offers but I was not keen on doing those shows since they had typical storyline. Usually the TV shows are only about the leads, but this is not about the lead. It’s about two families. It’s not about Aryan and Sanchi (character names) getting married, but the bond within two families and new relations that get formed. It’s not only about the lead but it’s a whole big picture.

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What connects you the most in real life from the character that you are playing in the show?
For Aryan (character name) family is most important and similarly for me the family is the first priority. The character isn’t geeky, he is very modern and that is what I connect with.

kinshuk-vaidyaUsually actors prefer the study of dramatics to evolve themselves into acting.
Namit Kapoor is a very dear family friend. He always says that acting is not all about acting. I’ve been working since the age of 4 years and it’s been 21 years now so all the technical things I’ve got to know by experience. I had done a film named Raju Chacha with Ajay Devgn. I had done Vishnu Puran with BR Films and I have worked with Ravi Chopra. These are my institutions where I’ve learnt dramatics. I’ve not gone through any workshop, but through experience I’ve got to learn. That is my school of learning.

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What transitions have you witnessed in the standards of acting as a child actor in the past and now as an adult actor in the present?
Personally, when I started acting, I was a kid, so it was like playing. I used to come on the sets and was asked to deliver dialogues in front of the camera. I used to never realize that there is a camera and I was never conscious. I have noticed that earlier there was more of an exaggeration of expressions, but nowadays we try to keep it as subtle and as natural as possible. There is more of realism that comes in nowadays.

Other than acting what interests you more?
If I wouldn’t’ have been an actor, then I would have been a fighter pilot.