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“Comedy isn’t as easy as it looks”, says Shalini Sahuta


She has an impressive adept at acting, Shalini Sahuta of Sab TV’s popular Trideviyaan speaks with Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about humour, the character in the show and more…

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Your character in the show is quite unrelatable, especially with the trait of screaming to break things out.

Manu (character name) is born with that trait. Manu is even good at fighting with goons and she is getting trained to do that. Well, that is definitely achievable by any regular women, but as far as screaming is concerned, she is actually born with that talent.

Your character requires a lot of vocal energy. Do you find it difficult to maintain the health of your voice?

I actually have a good experience with voice modulation because I have been a radio jockey for 2 years and I have been a voice over artist as well. Apart from that, there are a couple of voice training exercises which one can do.

As an actor how do you manage to mould yourself in drama and comedy with ease?

No, it’s not difficult. I equally enjoy both the genres. Comedy is obviously light hearted and we have a good time on sets. We laugh at it. It’s good for the spirit and we enjoy doing it, but at the same time comedy isn’t as easy as it looks. It should be spontaneous and natural. So, one needs to work on comedy and drama and on the other hand, one has to work a lot on oneself. If it’s an emotional scene, then one needs to break oneself down. But, I obviously love doing comedy.

Do you think people of our country are too sensitive to take humour in good spirit, especially with the gags used in comedy roast?

I think if it’s a roast, then everything has to be in a limit. One cannot insult an actor totally. Even in comedy there has to be a level of decency when one is roasting. One cannot downright insult the actor. The person who has achieved so much and is being called as a celebrity guest, one cannot insult them. Of course, it can be light hearted humour, but one cannot make fun of someone’s traits.

But what about lack of creative freedom which is often a grievance by the comedians?

The biggest comedians always make fun of themselves and that is the funniest part. I think they can make fun of themselves and create comedy rather than poking humour at someone’s disability. I think poking fun on one’s own self is much funnier.

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Let’s talk about your healthy lifestyle.

I am a fitness frenetic. I go for a walk in the morning at 6 am then I have my weight training 4 times a week. I do heavy weight training and also I am trying my hands on yoga these days. When I get a lot of free time, I also do kick boxing. I have a very healthy diet. I avoid junk totally. I keep eating every 2-3 hours. It comprises of all fruits, salad and everything healthy. I don’t starve myself. I supplement my body with good food and nutrition.